Monday, December 31, 2007

V train still underutilized

The V line began running on Dec. 17, 2001, from Forest Hills, Queens to Second Avenue, Manhattan to relieve the crowded E and F lines. But plenty of riders are content to keep cramming into the E and F trains, and the V remains the emptiest train -- at 49 percent capacity -- during peak hours in the transit system. The E, meanwhile, is still bursting with riders during those hours.

V train finds its identity after six years

Loyal V riders love the train for a roomy weekday commute. Many Queens residents spread out to read, nap or balance their checkbooks -- even with several extra stops.


Anonymous said...

The most useless subway line together with the (W). Because of it the G train runs once in a leap year to Forest Hills. The MTA should close this line and add more cars to the G.

Anonymous said...

One of the niceties of living in pre-yupster LIC was the 24/7, double-express 23rd/Ely station, featuring the F along with the E. Then came the F's diversion to the 63rd Street tunnel--with the official MTA transfer to the Lexington line now requiring leaving the system at 63rd, and re-entering at 60th.

And LIC was then bequeathed the useless V train, which doesn't run a whopping 78 hours a week (nites and weekends), and halts at Second Avenue, skipping Brooklyn altogether. Add in the eternal ending of the G at Court Square, never venturing towards Forest Hills--an absurd enough line, with four-car trains the norm and no additional service, despite the 40% population increase in its neighborhoods in ten years--and this recipe for disaster is considered a success story by the MTA.

No V nites and G to Forest intrastation transfer in Manhattan for F/N/R/4/5/6 F express service in Brooklyn, despite unused express tracks...closing the Smith/9th station for years (although the new one will have a restaurant!)...such grotesque chicanery can only mean one thing...FARE HIKE!!

Anonymous said...

"V" is for vendetta!
Anyone see that movie?

More exciting than a ride on this line!


verdi said...

I like your "YUPSTER" handle!

How about a cartoon series
featuring these comical self loving fools?

It could follow
in the progressive footsteps of the immortals:

"The Flintstones"

"The Jetsons"

"The Simpsons".

I think we've got a good thing going here!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kudos, verdi. Christ, you read so much crap every day, I can't even guarantee I didn't steal "yupster" from somewhere else. But it sure scans a lot better than David Brooks' "bobo" (bourgeois bohemian, for those keeping score at home).

They think they're so adventurous, exploring such alien turf as LIC and Prospect Heights, they probably see their cartoonish exploits more akin to "Jonny Quest."