Monday, December 17, 2007

The real reason for fare hikes

As the MTA clobbers New Yorkers with massive fare and toll hikes this week, a Daily News investigation finds the agency riddled with redundant costs and wasteful spending.

The bloat starts at the very top, where several agency presidents receive thousands of dollars in housing allowances even though they're in easy commuting distance from their jobs.

It continues in the duplicative assignment of the same tasks to different workers in the seven agencies, such as Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North, that are under the umbrella of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

Monday, the agency's finance panel signs off on the plan to boost weekly and monthly MetroCards, commuter rail fares and bridge and tunnel tolls - insisting they've done all they can to trim costs and need more cash.

News finds MTA waste and bloat

Photo from Daily News


faster340 said...

They need a real accountant. One who works for the people and not for the MTA!

You would be guaranteed massive cuts then... They could probably save millions by cutting all those corporate luncheons I am sure they have...


Anonymous said...

Hey, cut this shit out, you're going to spoil my deal! I work for the MTA and I love it. I have five offices, four titles and three salaries and I do absolutely nothing.

Now stop blogging and get back to work so you can pay your fare hike and I can hire another secretary.

Anonymous said...

Thank G-d I'm on senior half fare.
This way I only get half f----d!