Monday, December 17, 2007

EXCLUSIVE: Lancaster sends cops after complainer

Hey crappy check this out... A detective contacted me regarding an e-mail I sent to the DOB commissioner... She sicced the damn cops on me can you believe it!

[Name and e-mail addresses have been removed to maintain anonymity]

This was my original e-mail (to Patricia Lancaster)...

"Can't wait to see how you like your new digs in the penitentiary! That's where you are gonna go for what you have done! Maybe you can be Commissioner of the prison you are in! I don't care you if haven't been convicted of anything! Who the hell do you think you are putting people's lives at risk! I hope you rot in hell for this! I hope the investigators crawl through your life and destroy it like you destroyed these people's lives!


Four days later, I received this:

---- Forwarded Message ----
Sent: Friday, December 14, 2007 2:01:56 PM
Subject: 311 E-mail

I am Detective Trentacosta of The New York City Police Department DOI Squad. I am in receipt of your e-mail sent on Dec 10 2007 at 1542 Hr can you please contact me so I may discuss this further with you.

Thank You.

The detective said it sounded threatening. I told him, "Bullshit, if that were the case you would be on my door step arresting me. If you would like I will clarify what I am talking about." So I wrote back to him and clarified... This is my clarification e-mail:

"In light of the recent articles in the newspapers about the DOB commissioner and the dealings with these contractors and architects and signing agreements/stipulations etc. etc. regarding self certification "HOW DARE YOU"...

These so called contractors, architects and politicians like Tommy Huang, Scarano, Dennis Gallagher etc. etc. are tearing up my town of Maspeth, Middle Village etc. etc. The residents and I are absolutely sick and tired of it and the corruption of the DOB and it's inspectors as well. Go check out what contractors did on Hull [Avenue] in Maspeth. Go check out what Huang and another person did on Mazeau Street. Go take a look at what's happening to St. Saviour's. I could come up with a lot more contracting nightmares but I don't have enough time to write them all down. I could also go to the the DOB website and look at all the inspections that are so clearly BS. For Christ sake you can't even get your people to spell check. Half the damn items are so poorly written my 4 year old nephew looks like he can write better than that.

The [story of the] poor woman and her family who were in the paper recently with their contracting nightmare is an absolute disgrace and you should be held accountable for it and be thrown in jail if you have been cutting deals under the table. This is what prompted me to write. I still say HOW DARE YOU! Who do you think you are putting people's lives at risk to make big corporate happy! It's thoroughly disgusting and we want it to stop immediately. Go check out the blogs and other websites regarding this type of stuff going on and you will see how the people are really getting fed up!!!

Go check out Queens Crap and you will see what's happening.

The bullshit is beyond compare and will all come out in the wash eventually!

Pass this on to the commissioner of DOB if it matters. I really don't think so.

Thank you."


Anonymous said...

wonder if she's related to Burt Lancaster, who was in that 1947 movie Brute Force, which was set in a prison? The movie also stars Hume Croyn who plays a nasty warden. Making life miserable for everybody he winds up getting tossed off a tower.

Anonymous said...

How quickly the "bitch of Buchenwald".....
in this case....of DOB.....sends the Gestapo
to the doorstep of an honest citizen
demanding justice and simply voicing criticism!

This rampantly corrupt city agency
has been purged twice before (in the early 1990s)
after a DOI investigation.

Over 14 NYC buildings inspectors were arrested....
fined, fired or jailed ! 9 were from Queens !

Then Mayor Rudy (the phony "hero" of 9-11)
introduced the self certification system
to "speed" along the building approval process
now that DOB had fewer crooks
to rubber stamp permits for "developers".

A little remembered item
was the famous Knapp commission investigation
into bribery etc. of the NYPD in the 1960s.

It was the NYPD who had previously
had the authority to enforce DOB violations.

I suppose after it was discovered
that many police officers had taken bribes
from developers to overlook violations....
enforcement was then made the sole province
of the DOB building inspectors.

That, obviously, didn't fare so well.
They turned out to be as crooked
as those rotten cops the Knapp commission
had exposed!

Now we continue to have self certification
which has proved to be the most crooked
of all systems of checks and balances
in the building industry to date!

It's been determined that the self cert process
has been responsible for approximately 90%
of the shoddy construction, safety issues, etc.
that we see today.

Yet it's still around and so is
the status quo of cover ups and excuses
for the inherently corrupt system
that exists at the DOB !

Ms. Lancaster
should immediately be removed from her post
pending the outcome of this investigation
into her closed door deal making
and secret agreements with trash like Scarano.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, e-mailer, for exercising your First Amendment right to "seek redress of your grievances".

Clearly, this Commissar, and the Stalinist Lancaster want your rights revoked. This episode is one more frightening experience showing us that unless we all speak up vigorously about the wrongs of these officials, they come to believe that they are our masters, rather than vice versa.

I even believe that the "detective" who tried to intimidate you was a lapdancing, lickspittle staffer of either the Commissar or Lancaster. Posing as a cop is illegal and can be prosecuted.

I recommend that you now write to the FBI.

And, congratulations again for speaking up and for not rolling over for the predators.

Anonymous said...

Sic the Dicks on you? No more freedom of expression - is this what city gov. has become? A sad state of affairs to interpret an email as a threat. Maybe we are all being monitored directly from Blommberg tech, huh!

Anonymous said...

Now, now. We know those people in Maspeth are a problem. They speak out against this administration too much. Patty just has to keep them in line, because they have a tendency to get uppity and make bad publicity for the world's greatest mayor (in his own mind). You must show your undying loyalty toward him. Remember Nazli.

Miss Heather said...

The last time I checked we were not living in the Soviet Union. If we did the architecture (which seems to be proliferating in the outer boroughs nowadays) would be more or less the same but at we'd get free healthcare.

Anonymous said...

Queens Crap, you rock.

Anonymous said...

lol this is classic the doi doin' their job - that's a laugh - a citizen complains about the political machine and they use scare tactics to quiet the concerned citizens of the area bein' destroyed. i live in maspeth, have a city employee work for dot, he waters his lawn in the summer usin' a hose hooked up to the fire hydrant, has dot crews install 'no dog walking' signs on his private property that he made in the city shop, then when the leaves fall he has a crew come over to clean his yard, i called the doi even give them videos of what is occuring and they do nothing. their policy seems as though they are only concerned and act if u want to criticize the views of the current administration but they forget about employees stealing city services that cause our taxes and water bills to increase. they should be so proud!

georgetheatheist said...

Hey Crapper,

What is "Detective" Mike Tentacosta's contact info?

Phone number, email?

Maybe all of us Craperoos can give this gendarme a piece of our minds.

Anonymous said...

She even looks like a Tight Ass.

Anonymous said...

Say Crappy, how about tacking a pair of horns onto her head.

Brooklyn Junction said...

Great Story!

Anonymous said...

How to contact the FBI:
Mark J. Mershon
Assistant Director in Charge
FBI New York
26 Federal Plaza, 23rd. Floor
New York, New York 10278-0004


Isn't it time to act?

Anonymous said...

Can you start a petition? Get the entire community to "threaten" the commissioner with the LAW?

Anonymous said...

Somebody ought to shove a meat thermometer
up Lancaster's butt and see if she's done yet !

Anonymous said...

The first thing that needs to happen at the DOB is that SHE has to go. No, ifs, ands or butts.

Anonymous said...

everyone should bombard Lancaster with pee-mail.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Mike,
Please let me buy you lips this Xmas.