Friday, December 21, 2007


Mayor Bloomberg says he wants to turn New York City green by planting 1 million new trees.

So why is he firing up the chainsaws in Washington Square Park?

That was the question asked yesterday by a group of environmental advocates, who protested a city plan to chop some 32 trees as part of a $16 million renovation of the historic park.

"Pulling down the trees is a crime against nature," said neighborhood resident Sharon Woolums, who was among a group of about 50 tree-huggers who joined a protest yesterday to stop the downtown deforestation.

The mayor was mum yesterday about the park plan, which seemed to fly in the face of his bucolic vision of his "Million Trees Initiative."



Anonymous said...

Come on guys, those trees are to be planted in Manhattan along those new bike / pedestrian corriders that will be newly emptied of cars under the congestion pricing plan.

Its a smoke and mirror sham.

Anonymous said...

What the Nazis
brutally accomplished
through coercion and "relocation"....
Der Mayor is subscribing to
(in a much more covert manner, of course) !

All "undesirables" must be
removed....out of sight and out of mind....
from NYC's tourist corridor!

He wants to clear this park.....
and that means butchering trees!

Maybe they ought to hang him from one
as some cartoonist had once suggested...
ha, ha!

It's all part of his "sanitization"
program for NYC .....the removal
of any"troublesome" folk!

For a Jew ,
heir to their sad history of persecution,
Bloomberg exhibits not a shred of sympathy
for the common everyday folk
who enjoy our parks.

Shame on him....
(and also for wasting our tax money) !

He's a simplistic imperial elitist....
anything but what might be considered to be
a real New Yorker.

If anyone were to offer him a crown....
he'd grab it at once!

Maybe Albert Spear
should have designed Mike's "ideal" city.
(At least Al had a sense of history
and a command of the classical
architectural vocabulary).

I'll bet that Mayor Mike secretly practices
goose stepping in front of a mirror in a skirt.

Ah....go home to twerp....
and "do lunch" with those Bramins!

They wouldn't have you.
They're a bunch of old "White Boy" anti-Semites.

Anonymous said...

there's so much differing info out there about the plans. Two articles i read said that 37 trees will be cut down. Another article said that 9 trees (those nearest the fountain) are being cut down and 37 trees what is the real story and where can one get the correct info on the plan?