Friday, December 21, 2007

Reservoir plans made public

At the reservoir, the most extreme development option calls for transforming the third basin — home to dense forest and vernal marshland — into an “active recreation center,” replete with running tracks, soccer fields and cricket courts, officials said.

A second option would preserve much of the reservoir as a “naturalistic park” with some outdoor “adventure type recreation,” according to Parks Department spokeswoman Abigail Lootens.

The most conservative option — and the one favored by preservationists — would leave the reservoir’s three basins largely untouched by developers and steer funding toward converting an old building on the reservoir into a nature education center.

City Mulls Three Options For Ridgewood Reservoir


verdi said...

We should be saving
as many of our green spaces as we can.

In keeping with
Mayor Bloomberg's announced plan
for a greener New York.....
and that should mean
your honor....
I support preserving it as is .

Let it be !

Anonymous said...

Instead of spending money where its NOT needed or wanted, why don't they spend the money where it IS needed and wanted.

St Saviours.


Anonymous said...

Ah, the old "we have three plans" shtick. The first is the plan that Parks really wanted to do. Then there's the "compromise plan" that Parks is going to end up doing because their survey showed they can't develop the entire basin. The last is the one that most people want, which improves the park and is the most fiscally responsible.

Anonymous said...

You know this really burns me. "We don't have the money" is what they always say when Queens has a project that they want to see get done. But when it comes to throwing money away on stupidity, there is no limit to how much money we have!

Anonymous said...