Wednesday, December 19, 2007

DUMBO landmarked

DUMBO's industrial facades and celebrated view of the Manhattan Bridge will be preserved, as the city's Landmarks Preservation Commission yesterday voted unanimously to designate the area New York's 90th historic district.

DUMBO Area Gets Landmarked

While some critics consider the designation a hurdle to development, the chairman of the commission, Robert Tierney, said it was an opportunity to attract more interest in the area. "Preserving the neighborhood's character will make people want to come here," Mr. Tierney said.

You mean property values in landmarked neighborhoods go up?! Why does the Queens machine like to tell us the opposite?

Photo from Wired New York


Anonymous said...

Seems that developer wrecked every area in Queens, not sure what can be landmarked that is original. Maybe Forest Hill Gardens is one such remaining area worth doing. Maybe the best landmarking approach is one that the Landmarks normally don't touch - preservation of attached single family brick homes in many areas that have been difficult for home owners or developers to alter substantially - yet even the crafty individual is wrecking these too. A Queens-wide halt in new-builds would be a good start to at least redraw zoning designations to preserve what we already have and works.

Anonymous said...

Great. Let's submit an application for historic Hunters Point.

Naw, anyone down there has

1. sold out

2. cut a deal with a developer

3. has no info to do this and no support from the politicians or newspapers even if they did

4. lives in Queens West and doesn't give a sh*t (so much for new people reinvigorating a community)

Anonymous said...

Forest Hills Gardens does not need to be designated an historic district at this time. The original restrictive covenants will be renewed in 2 years from now, and that will preserve its integrity. The Forest Hills Gardens Homeowners Association claims to have more secure regulations than that of the Landmark Preservation Commission. Other areas in Queens, particularly in Rego Park and Forest Hills, are worthy.

Anonymous said...

Hey what about this one.....
Let's cut off Hunters Point, Astoria, LIC
and Maspeth from Queens....
then float it all down the river and attach
it to Dumbo some dark night.

That's one way of getting
some of these deserving sites landmarked.

You see folks....a lot of REAL preservationists
(maybe even some LPC staffers ...huh ?)
happen to live in Brooklyn.

That's why it's express service
all the way in the landmarking process
for these "swells" !

Uh....and what about Queens ?
Oh it's our political machine's dumping ground
for ALL that's unwanted.
(Got to keep on importing new votes
and erect ugly buildings to house the tweeded)!

Anonymous said...

That sounds like "Roz"
with those big dark tinted eyeglasses
(I never caught her last name 20 years ago)
on a toot for those sacred
FHG restrictive covenants again.

Shall we genuflect ?

Yawn .

By God....she must be ancient by now!