Sunday, December 23, 2007

Con Ed's toxic waste in Astoria

The state’s Department of Environmental Conservation is seeking public input on an application filed by Con Edison, renewing its permit to operate a hazardous waste storage facility in Astoria.

Public Comment Sought On Con Ed’s Astoria Facility

The site, located at 31-01 20th Ave., serves as a temporary waste storage and transfer station for materials generated on site and at other Con Ed facilities.

Materials handled there include oil, electrical equipment waste and the chemical compound PCB, according to DEC documents.

The materials come from a variety of sources and operations. These include general equipment maintenance of tankers and pumps, as well as procedures like consolidating liquid and solid waste and preparing equipment for storage.


Anonymous said...

Drive around the plant and you see all the street signs bleached from the pollution. Asthma is a big problem in the community.

Do you read about this in the newspapers? Absolultely not!! They only want to report nice things about the community. You know, developers and polticians and what passes for civics in that part of our world giving plaques to each other. The same tired names over and over and ....

The waterfront is no place for powerplants in this age of terrorism. The powerplants are leaving Manhattan and expanding in Astoria.

Some political leadership.

verdi said...

Calling all you Manhattan ex-patriot yuppies
planning on moving into
vibrant, bustling, colorful Astoria.

Got your Ralph Lauren
hazardous materials moon suits handy?

Anonymous said...

Astoria has been in the business
of dealing with toxic waste for decades.

Witness the Vallone family !

Anonymous said...

No. 1 Anonymous: The street signs are bleached because of long exposure to the sun. It's a borough wide problem not just limited to Astoria and the environs around ConEd. The same bleached signs can be seen in Bayside