Thursday, December 20, 2007

The great train robbery of 2007

The perpetrators of the great train robbery of 2007 - Gov. Butch Spitzer and Mayor Sundance Bloomberg - made off with your loot yesterday while they were already planning to return to the scene of the crime.

You wuz robbed!

New MetroCards should come bearing photographs of the governor and the mayor, like on wanted posters, including their records:

Hiking the price of 30-day unlimited cards to $81 from $76.

Slashing the bonus on $10 and $20 cards to 15% from 20%.

All told, 86% of transit riders and all commuter rail users will pay more come March for the unbelievable reason that Spitzer and Bloomberg refused to give lawmakers a chance to find state aid.


Anonymous said...

This par for the course where Bloomberg is concerned. First he raped everyone who drives a motor vehicle, and now this new shot in the eye of those who don't. Classic.

As for Spitzer, this is guy who thought it was a good idea to hand out driver's licenses to illegal aliens. How bright can he be?

Anonymous said...

if anybody can anwer the question i have with the new increase set to go how much extra income do the increases mean in extra monies per year

Anonymous said...

*rolls eyes*

Yes, it's always the evil local politicians who are the favorite whipping boys as they try to practice fiscal responsibility. No criticism at all of the national policies that have jacked up fuel prices that generate the electricity that powers the subway. No mention either of inflation, which according to the national administration is virtually nonexistant (unless you factor in energy and real estate). No, the fare should remain the same for the next 50 years. Anything else is swindling the good working people of Queens!

Anonymous said...

These are a pair of spoiled brats
who needed to have their asses kicked
by their fathers when they were young
to teach them respect for their fellow Man....
but instead they were just given a "time out"
by their moms.

That's why they grew up to be
a pair of prissy pricks instead of mensches.

(That's Yiddish
and would be lost in translation).

Anonymous said...

Prissy Pricks...

Yes, that is a true idea. They have high voices and talk squeeky. Me I got a deep voice. WHen I say to one of my crew Do This they do it no questions asked.

I also got a tough look, just have to look at persons and they run scared and do what I want. Bloom and whats his name they are not tough. They just know how to make money. Big shit. ANy imbicile can do this.

Doesn't take brains, or respect like I get!