Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Monkey see, monkey do

103-29 Woodhaven Blvd. Horizontal extensions on both floors - in stucco no less. Yikes!
Next door, the no parking sign indicates that crappification is about to begin.


georgetheatheist said...

What is this animus against stucco? Pray tell. If you travel around the Greek Isles, the stucco-ed buildings, all white-washed, are quite charming.

Anonymous said...

Is this legal? On Grand Ave towards Queens Blvd, a couple of these were cobbled together. One of these was built by 1 guy block by block over a year - could not have had a permit. I thought it would fall down - he depended on the first floor terrace and garage underneath. No DOB intervention - looks like his neighbor was almost forced to do the same (or rewarding) there are now storefronts occuping the lower front and ugly as hell - not even unifying ugly stucco was added - a mismash of materials add to the mayhem look.

georgetheatheist said...

BTW, I just finished stucco-ing my grandmother. She's the envy of the bingo ladies at the senior center.

Anonymous said...

Another styrofoam/stuccoed
monotonous make-over.....
replete with low end replacement windows
and fitted with cheap "builders' hardware".

This man's home surely doesn't look like any castle
that I've ever seen in a story book.

Make a brothel though......lots of "usable" space.

It looks like a Tommy Huang special....
designed to be marketed
to some poor unsuspecting Asian family.

Anonymous said...

Google "problems with stucco".
The stucco we are seeing is
EIFS (exterior insulation finishing system). EIFS is a synthetic coating over a styrofoam backing.

Look at the Modell's at Cross Bay and Liberty, there is several holes in the stucco there. Tap on the stucco and you can feel how weak it is. It is very susceptible to vandal and animal, especially woodpecker, damage.
The Key Food on Lefferts near Jamaica Ave had a stucco wall with some large cracks in it.
The worst thing about EIFS stucco is that moisture gets trapped behind it and rots the underlying wood......That's what is wrong with stucco.