Sunday, December 30, 2007

Enemies in our midst

Elected officials at the city and federal level called on federal immigration officials last week to halt their audit of Long Island City's Fresh Direct following a mass walkout of nearly 100 warehouse workers earlier this month.

Officials call for stop to Fresh Direct audit

City Comptroller William Thompson and U.S. Rep. Nydia Velazquez (D-Ridgewood) joined a crowd of Fresh Direct employees at City Hall Friday to ask U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to stop the investigation, which caused a number of workers for the online grocery distributor to quit or be suspended because they could not fill out paperwork for the audit.

Helloooooo?!? We now have a mayoral candidate and a U.S. Congressperson openly supporting people who break federal law. What is this country coming to?

Photo from Queens Chronicle


Anonymous said...

City Comptroller William Thompson and U.S. Rep. Nydia Velazquez to ask U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to stop the investigation, which caused a number of workers for the online grocery distributor to quit or be suspended because they could not fill out paperwork for the audit.

Have these Pols gone out of their minds? They are openly encouraging breaking Federal laws and illegal folks to be and work here. Don't they have constiuents that need jobs or have been replaced by illegal works? Who do these Pol represent, Mexican or Chinese countries? What's next - voting rights or build housing for them - where is my benefits as a legal citizen - is there any - what's the point in being legal?

Anonymous said...

ilegal is illegal the pols will now do anything to get in the spotlight why dont they put the effort into protecting the rights of the american citizens this is gettin crazy openly supporting the breaking of the law

Anonymous said...

This is yet another example of a long list where the clubhouse is running the city for THEIR benefit, not YOURS.

Rememeber that the next time you are in the voting booth (not saying that they give you many choices)

Anonymous said...

Illegal immigration is the biggest issue of the campaign that is not being addressed by the political parties. Every effort to control it is torn apart by the press and the courts.

It will build and build but will never be addressed in this tweeding climate. There is too much money to be made (and damn the results) by our 'chatting classes'.

Unfortunately it will take another 9/11 to change it 180 degress overnight.

Anonymous said...

ilegal is illegal - this is gettin crazy openly supporting the breaking of the law

I now boycott buisnesses that openly hire illegal workers and report homeowners who make money housing them. Enough is enough, as the economy becomes even more sour thre will be violence in the streets pitting non-working citizens and illegally residing folks in working class areas. The Feds should shut down Fresh Direct. Shop or support your local illegal free neighborhood buisness. Pressure those whom hire otherwise.

Anonymous said...

I won't be shopping from Fresh Direct anymore. I found their meat and chicken fresher than that of my local (Sunnyside) supermarkets, but I'll work around it. Whenever I've started at a new job, on day one I was asked to bring in my original birth certificate or passport. My understanding is that this is a law and there are fines for not obeying. Why is Fresh Direct exempt from this law?

georgetheatheist said...

You can also thank the FAILURE of the Queens County Republican Party to mount any kind of opposition to this Democratic railroading. Thank you Maltese. Ragusa under what bed are you hiding?

Anonymous said...

Why is Fresh Direct exempt from this law?


Check campaign donations, bub. It makes you exempt from laws.

Anonymous said...

They caved in to the demands
of the irate hipsters living in Queens West
who just had their doorstep food deliveries
so rudely interrupted.....poor little pussies.

Now if they can convince Commissar Bloomberg
to purchase some used Soviet ice breakers
so that the East River can be kept clear in winter.....
New York Waterways can resume
their water taxi service for these pampered souls.

All of you Queens voters
just keep on kissing your politician's asses
so they can return the favor by spitting in your face when the proper time comes!

Start behaving like citizens of a great city
instead of some councilman's pet dog!

Get up on your hind legs
and bite their balls off at the polls!

Anonymous said...

I want to be a crooked politician
when I grow up.

It's like having diplomatic immunity
because I can get away with breaking every NYC law
that my dumb electorate has to obey.

Anonymous said...

Bill Thompson
is just another house servant
like all the rest who are sucking up
to the various groups
in an effort to attain the holy office
of the mayor of NYC.

Just look at them kneeling
in feigned supplication with their hands
raised for me!

illegal immigrants can't vote for you
in your bid to become mayor....duh!

What's that.....
by the time election day rolls around
they'll all be citizens....
you're gonna push for legalizing their votes ?

verdi said...

We as citizens
have lost control of our republic....
firstly through a lack of vigilance
and finally through the relinquishment
of our power to our own elected
governmental servants.

If the helmsman (voter) falls asleep at the wheel
the ship of democracy most assuredly
will steer itself abruptly onto the rocks
and break up in a fury at the mercy of a tempest.

The wreckage will be quickly gathered up
reassembled and fashioned into a dictatorship
to be controlled by the wealthy.

We will find ourselves tossed out onto the streets
jostling each other and begging for our civil rights
just as an urchin pleas for his daily bread !


Anonymous said...

It's worse than you think... an employer is obliged by federal law to ask for and be shown "proof" that a job applicant may lawfully be employed in the United States. Applicants can satisfy this test by showing one or more documents from a list on a government form (it's called an I-9). BUT, the employer is forbidden from looking too closely (any company that demands a birth certificate is blatantly violating the law). In other words, as long as the "drivers license" (or whatever) shown by the applicant isn't in crayon, it's good enough. If the employer wants more, he's risking breaking another part of the same law that prohibits discrimination against applicants. So, it's very common for employees to be working under assumed names - whatever name is on the phony or stolen Social Security card they are using, and for the employer to be unaware - even if he suspects something, HE CAN'T ASK FOR MORE PROOF. But if the feds come around, they WILL ask questions and demand real proof. That's why so many Fresh Direct employees took to their heels.

Sure there are companies who deliberately exploit illegals, but ANY legit business can be stuck in this crazy legal damned if you do, damned if you don't situation.

Now, this Fresh Direct thing is exacerbated by the fact that two unions wanted the 900+ dues payers from the company. The National Labor Relations Board held an election among employees.. both unions lost, decisively. At least one of the unions is claiming Fresh Direct cheated by calling in ICE to do the audit before the vote, and scaring the hell out of employees. Published reports indicate ICE says the company had nothing to do with it, and that makes sense... no company in its right mind would ASK for a federal audit, and also trying to monkey around with a union election by doing that would obviously be slam-dunk illegal.

But... it helps explain why politicians are pandering to the illegals. The "undocumented" have legal voting friends. But more importantly, the unions have loads of moolah they love to share (I'm talking legal contributions here)with politicians who will shill for their special interests.

In the end, this whole illegal alien thing - nationwide- comes down to the grubby politics of pandering for campaign contributions.

Anonymous said...

" ... What's that..... by the time election day rolls around they'll all be citizens.... you're gonna push for legalizing their votes ?"

One correction: There are no plans to "legalize" the illegal voting of illegal aliens.

The actual plan is to COUNT the illegal votes of illegal aliens! That's what Florida 2000 & Ohio 2004 were all about.

That's what Spitzer's plan to issue driver's licenses to illegal aliens was all about.

Does anyone actually believe that any of these politicians care anything about the illegal aliens? When it serves their purposes, these politicians will have every illegal alien first jailed for long sentences and then deported.

Politicians are singularly loyal - to themselves only.

Why are we loyal to any politician for a moment? Any response Maltese?

Anonymous said...

Politicians are singularly loyal - to themselves only.

They forget that they were elected by the folks in the district and to represent these same folks. Why are they working so hard for a sub-class of folks whom are illegally residing here, working here and drawing benefits here? The Pols must support the laws on the books, serve their legal contituents and bring benefit or aid same constituents.

It's all about future votes to secure future elected offices.

Anonymous said...

I bet all of your immigrant ancestors are rolling over in their graves. This city benefits hugely from the hard work and buying power of immigrants -- regardless of whether they are documented or not.

Anonymous said...

Yes this is great logic. Let's put our national security at risk because illegals buy stuff here.