Sunday, December 23, 2007

One way to demoville

Hey what happened to the one way sign that was at the corner of the St. Saviour's property?

Oh, I see. It must have gotten in the way so Gallagher's buddies removed the publicly-owned sign and have taken possession of it. They seem to be keeping well-maintained grounds, too.

The Times Ledger recently reported that Pinky has pretty much given up on saving the church and land:

Councilman Dennis Gallagher... said he had little hope that the church building or land on the property would be saved for the community. He said there had never been a plan by the developer to save the parsonage.

"As each day passes, it looks like it will become more and more difficult to save the church," he said. "As soon as the developer removed himself from the public review process, we lost all leverage."

Wow, Dennis, you mean you knew all along that they were planning to knock the parsonage down and you never warned the community? What kind of public servant are you? Oh, that's right. An indicted one.


Anonymous said...

When that church goes say goodbye to the landmarks law.

The preservation community was warned, but, since its not in Manhattan, or visible from Manhattan, its not important.

How wrong you are!!!!

Anonymous said...

With great respect....Don Sciame.....
if I kiss your ring and pledge you my allegiance....
will you return these residents a favor
and stop building these dorms ?

Anonymous said...

The public's choice:

1. negotiate with a developer for crumbs

2. fight the developer and get nothing.

This is sick.

Some newspaper or magazine should pick this up. Mother Jones anyone?

Anonymous said...

It would be intersting to see a list of all the statements DPG has made regarding the church. Lined up side by side the contradictions would be staggering.

Anonymous said...

Like when Avella was first in favor of (and claimed that he originated the idea) the residential housing compromise, and then he flip-flopped to cater to the power-hungry civic group?

Anonymous said...

In the middle of all this controversy, did someone forget to remove that awful Korean church sign?

Anonymous said...

Avella never came out in favor of building housing. He said he suggested it. The community decided against that and he supported their decision. That's what a REAL public servant does.

Anonymous said...

We all know who is the hero of this story and who is the goat. Dennis, you're a menace and soon you will be locked up. Next Christmas will be behind bars, bitch!

Anonymous said...

Keep spinning your lying rapist crap, Gallagher...your own words will sink you even further down.

How does a civic group have more power than a councilman? How did a civic group stop your multi-million $ foreign developer dirtbag friends?

What stopped them was the weak housing market you pathetic grandmother fucker! Your friend Scott Klapnick said it out of his own mouth.

It's now time to shut your mouth and get ready for the next wave, Mister Councilman.

Now try and focus all of your energy on keeping down your jail time from 15 to 10 years.

Can you say...loooooooooooooser!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"Avella never came out in favor of building housing. He said he suggested it. The community decided against that and he supported their decision. That's what a REAL public servant does."

It's called governing with "the consent of the governed". Unlike sex without the "consent" of the victim. Many call that rape. Gallagher calls it business as usual.