Wednesday, December 26, 2007

An end to curb cut self-certification?

Brownstoner reports that three bills introduced by Brooklyn councilmembers are aiming to end curb cuts via self-certification:

Curbing Illegal Curb Cuts by Targeting Self-Certification

Photo from Brownstoner


Anonymous said...

Think the curb-cutting bills could be the beginning of the end for self-certification?

It's neccessary to end self-certification, period. It will slow down development if the foreclosures or credit crunch doesn't produce this naturally. For those whom convert a garage, create cub cuts or driveway ramps without a review or permit should be not only heavily fined but restore the work to the previous condition as well instead of allowing the changes to remain as is the practice.

All self-certification practices should be eliminated period.

Anonymous said...

Anybody knows the exact link to report illegal curb cuts? There are a few houses around mine that has two driveways and it's questionable that it's legal. Thanks in advance.