Sunday, December 30, 2007

Stone mansion in the Bronx

When he finally gave in to a nephew’s entreaties to move on, and responded to one of the notes he often got from circling real estate agents, it was important to him to sell to a family and not a developer. He was gratified to have found the Deanses, who clearly had “no intention of doing anything but moving into the place,” he said.

Lots of Home Work

In 80 years their son may be selling it to a young couple or, “even better, I hope that my son is passing it to his son.”


Anonymous said...

I wish the Deanses luck in their new home, and I am beyond grateful that they took on a noble project! They sure know how to begin 2008!

If it wasn't landmarked, almost any developer would have bulldozed this priceless gem, and all signs of life around the mansion.

Anonymous said...

reminds me of the King Vitamin castle I cut out from the back of a cereal box when I was a kid.

Anonymous said...

What. Do mean those folks in Old Astoria that tell us 'I love my house and there was nothing I could do except selling it to a developer' are bullshitting us?

Oh my oh my.

georgetheatheist said...

I hope their marriage survives the renovating - it's going to be Bob Vila hell for awhile.

Anonymous said...

It's nice
to leave something good behind
when you eventually check out.

Just look at Mayor Mike with his billions.

He won't be able to buy a box seat in hell.

The sign above the gate (I'm told) reads,

Well...he'll have to take his place in line
and dress for a tropical climate!

Maybe he and Doctoroff
can find each other for a quick game of 5 card stud.

You never know! how things will go!

Anonymous said...


Good luck to the Deanses!!

Anonymous said...

This magnificent home belonged to my mother's aunt and uncle, Dr. and Mrs. Gaetano Russo. My grandparents (my grandfather was Dr. Russo's brother) lived a few doors away at 243 Mt. Hope Place. I spent many holidays there; butlers, maids, wonderful parties.
I'm pleased that it was sold to folks who understand the hisotry and have the fortitude to restore it to its former glory. Good luck.