Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Crime must be way, way down

Police harassed Miss Heather for taking photos of Christmas decorations:

'Tis The Season: N.Y.P.D. Style


Anonymous said...

Miss Heather is right to assert her rights... BUT.. maybe crime really is way way down, and if it is, it might be because the local gendarmes actually take complaints seriously.

Anonymous said...

Yea, crime is down in the 114, or so they tell me in Astoria.

We have eight tags for the Latin Kings on my block alone, all done within the past two weeks.

But crime is down ....

That's what they say .... right?

Anonymous said...

There's nothing worse than a bored cop with a quota to make. She's lucky she didn't end up in jail or ticketed for some fabricated reason.

Anonymous said...

The blame for out-of-control police starts at the top.

The Soviet Commissar mayor who is so tight-ass intent on total control (totalitarianism) that he will persist in attacking the "little people" rather than manage the city agencies.

Notice his obsessive assaults on the first and second amendments. It is these two amendments that make us sovereign citizens.

Anonymous said...

I was detained for placing a guitar amplifier down on the curb by Kenny Castaways as a leaned over to get my gig bag.
The cop wanted to confiscate it and gave me a $60 ticket. The same cop then came back with a sound meter, waited outside for the level to peak high enough to the club a ticket 9was likley a car horn). The prick then called for backup and proofed everybody.

These new cops are ass*oles, in the 70's most were ex hippies who couldnt get jobs.
Miss Heather should go to the media and sue for harrassment

Anonymous said...

It werent like Heather planned on burgluring the joint and making off with jewelery or doing anything homocidle like. She was just taking a plane and simple photo ... of a religous object! So leave her alone coppers and go after real crooks. Grrrr!

Anonymous said...

Santa's a "Blood" !

He's wearin' red ain't he ?

Nobody's gonna touch this hood!