Friday, December 21, 2007

City's soul is disappearing

As the real-estate boom year of 2007 winds down, houses of worship, schools, historic residences, whole neighborhoods -- even the corner diner -- tenuously exist under the threat of the wrecking ball.

Indeed, the changes are so breathtaking that the question of whether the city is losing its very soul has been seriously debated among preservationists, community and civic groups.

Endangered New York: 10 (more) to save

How last year's '10 to save' fared


verdi said...

Chain stores,
big box outlets,
mega banks, bee hive condos,
work place warrens.....
welcome to a whole new era of banal living!

Oops.....did I say "living" ?
You've got to still have a soul left
to be alive!

Glitter, glitz and.... gag !

Ah...forget about it....
just open up your favorite medley
on the new "I-Pod" you lust bought
and you'll never notice a thing.


Hey the original retro
"Invasion of The Body Snatchers"
is playing at your local......oh....
sorry....they tore that theater down
last week!

Anonymous said...

Pasteurized and homoginized.....
a new and better NYC.....haven for the rich....
heaven for the tourists!

Y'all come back now !

I told you that Bloomberg is Disney
reincarnated !

Time to re-read Huxley's "Brave New World".....
b-r-r-r-r !

Anonymous said...

I say, if you don't include the other three boroughs, tear 'em down.

St Saviours? Old Astoria? Richond Hill?

Who the hell are they kidding? For real fun, lets see if HDC and MAS (who DO know we exist - we always get letters asking for support from them) will protest this.

Anonymous said...

St. Saviour's is mentioned in the article.

Anonymous said...



I feel better. Don't you?