Monday, December 31, 2007

Green Church owner's bad reputation

A letter to Mayor Bloomberg to meet due to the corruption and lack of coordination from city agencies, including Department of Buildings, Housing Preservation and Human Resources received a couple of calls from Deputy Mayor Dennis Walcott. Like Speaker Quinn, these were not followed up. Nor did staff to Deputy Mayor Dan Doctoroff, regarding the Pastor's request for a meeting to discuss, in particular, the fact [that] five fires had occurred previously. Still, now, the illegal construction has left all the tenants with blackouts due to faulty wiring, an inadequate electrical supply, insufficient ventilation in the three public bathrooms, a broken intercom, broken unfinished stairs and unpainted, filthy hallways, along with vermin and roaches.

One World Life Systems

Pastor Crea's letter last May and meeting with his assistant Carmine Perez found no response and nothing done from Assemblyman Keith Wright, who said out loud to a recent Harlem rally "I can do nothing," regarding owners of private buildings...Councilman Bill Perkins and staff contributed to the disabled Pastor losing all his belongings from storage. They failed to follow up their own inadequate, inattentive and insensitive efforts, while seeking 2 million dollar tax write-offs for a slumlord.

One of the slumlords mentioned now owns Bay Ridge's Green Church:

Questions Surface About ‘Green Church’ Developer

Photo from Forgotten NY


Anonymous said...

Yikes. These folks get away with absolutely anything as long as they are developers. Sick, sick.

Anonymous said...

This Betesh should be in jail, not buying up religious properties.

Anonymous said...

There's a special place in hell for people like this.

Anonymous said...

There's a special place on earth for people like this too. It's called prison.

Anonymous said...

Too bad late waterfront mob boss
"tough" Tony Anastasia isn't living in Bay Ridge
any more.

He might have been convinced to "take care" of things.

That scum-lord's manhood
served on top of a plate of linguini
covered in a nice garlic marinara sauce
would set a good example to discourage
anyone from desecrating a church!