Friday, December 28, 2007

Flushing cop guilty of accepting bribes


A corrupt Queens cop pleaded guilty yesterday to federal extortion charges - admitting that he accepted cash and other bribes for supplying a pimp with dirt on rival brothel owners.

But Dennis Kim, 31, formerly of the 109th Precinct, also told Brooklyn federal Judge Sandra Townes that "information provided to me by Geeho Chae allowed me to make many arrests . . . for drug offenses, possession of weapons, robbery, and prostitution-related crimes."

Sources said Kim's partner, Jerry Svoronos, was cooperating with the feds.

Kim is facing 12 to 18 months in prison.

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Anonymous said...

Tsk, tsk, tsk.....
weapons, drugs, prostitution, extortion....
a couple of crooked cops, a sex ring....
and a brothel owner offering favors to "John Law"?

It looks like some of New York's "finest"
got caught with their pants down....literally!

Tell me another fairy tale about the "contributions"
that the Asians made to Flushing.

Is this how they saved us from the "blight"
that never really existed....
except in the minds of those spin doctors
at Ms. Herce's Flushing Chamber etc. ?
(They're the ones that manufactured this BS
to inflate property values for the owners)!

Believe me....this is just the tip of the iceberg
in this "vibrant, bustling" town.

Notice how it took the FBI getting involved
to get the job done.

We believe that the 109th PCT
has been covering this sort of thing up for years.

Maybe investigators ought to grill
some of their retired"community relations" cops
(like officer S.P. maybe ?) regarding what they knew
about these kinds of "goings on".
(We always thought that the suits some of them wore
were far too expensive for a civil servant's salary).

verdi said...

Only 18 months in jail?

Lock 'em up and throw the key away!

Sentences should be doubled
when someone in law enforcement
is convicted of a crime!

Do these crooked cops
get to keep their pensions?

Anonymous said...

That whole 109th needs a good shake up
of its long serving higher ranking officers
as a way of not making things too "cozy" for them.

Rotate the cops not the precinct commanders.

It seems that every 2 or so years
a new police captain gets appointed here.

It's known as the"promotion precinct"!

Anonymous said...

If there are any other cops out there who are engaged in similar corrupt activities they should take note of this arrest and immediately straighten up their act before they too find themselves behind bars. If they continue on, it will only a matter of time before they too are caught and publicly disgraced.

Anonymous said...

Howdy Folks..

I would just like to thank crappy for the site, and tell him or her I always stop in to read up!

Ok....I live 1 block from the 7 station, on union, not far enough from the fat and lazy 109, and I think this cop is copping a plea, and there was another story about a cop from the 109 who got caught with hookers who walked If I recall right?


as an sidebar....


I was shocked to see the sign in the lobby of the bank of manhatten building, next to the Duane Reade on Main of Roosevelt...

Right in the lobby above the stairs to the sub lobby floor....a big sign hung, with bright red letters..saying:


any one passing from the outside could see!

This used to be a legit civic building!

verdi said...

I've seen the leaflets being shoved in everyone's faces
on the northeast corner of Roosevelt & Main
promoting the "massage service".

Ask they if the give the"happy ending"
(You can figure out what that means).

Anonymous said...

Rub downs and rub outs
(brothels and the tragic Wendy's massacre).....
is that what Flushing is becoming known for ?

Thank you Gary Ackerman,
Donald Manes, Myra Baird Herce ,
Kent Realty and the rest of the gang
for introducing law breaking
Taiwanese criminals like Tommy Huang
to destabilize a once viable community.

We hope you all were "recompensed"
for your troubles!

How were those "mutual trips"
to Taiwan that a bunch took in the early 1980s?

Anonymous said...

The 109th PCT should be kept on a watch list
by Internal Affairs for a long time to come!

They may turn out to be worse than
the infamous "dirty 30" precinct!

Anonymous said...

It's all fine that a cop who accepts bribes be tried, convicted and sentenced.

It's fine that the FBI got involved.

So, why is DOB and Lancaster immune from prosecution? This bitch calls the cops on a citizen who had the audacity to write to complain (his absolute First Amendment right - to petition the government for redress of grievances).

Why is she still in office? Why is her boss, the Commissar, still in office? If she called the cops on a citizen, the crime is his for failing to act to correct the crime.