Saturday, December 29, 2007

Hull of a weekend

Check out the ghetto-looking setup under the front tires that prevent the car from scraping its bottom.

And the moral of this story is: if your parking ramp is not long enough to accommodate your vehicle, then don't park on it! This scene is at 68th Street and Hull Avenue in my 'hood.

More Hull Avenue fun coming tomorrow. (The next one is a real doozy!)

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Anonymous said...

Clicking on the photo really drives the point home.

KG2V said...

He's blocking the sidewalk - Once, about 17 years ago, I did that in Bayside (parked in my driveway blocking the sidewalk) while I ran inside to pick up some paperwork I forgot - Yep, there was one of those nice Orange envelopes on my windshield - I deserved it, and paid it - one of only 2 parking tickets I ever got - And I have NO moving violations

Queens Crapper said...

Unfortunately, it's standard practice here and they never write tickets for it unless its quota time and they ride through the side streets.

georgetheatheist said...

Elegant stucco-work behind the car!

Anonymous said...

This is horrible! How does this get approved? The DOB has to held accountable for their actions or inactions.

Anonymous said...

back when I was a teen (several centuries ago) my buddies and I used to clamber up onto any cars that were blocking our paths on a sidewalk and then stomp across the hoods of the autos, rather than walking around them. Pretty idiotic of us, but we did get our point across to the inconsiderate homeowners.

Anonymous said...

"I used to clamber up onto any cars..."

I'm game, where do you want to start?

Anonymous said...

1. If you click on the photo, you'll see that it's one of those ubiquitous "black cars" that run the bus routes and pick up people for 2 bucks.

2. Look at the railing next door. A circular rolled up into the railing, just waiting to get blown off and become someone else's problem.

Come January, we'll all have the option of saying NO to those unsolicited advertising circulars.

3. Although a 311 call about a car blocking the sidewalk like this doesn't always result in a summons, sometimes the cops ring the doorbell and give the owner a warning. Sometimes that eliminates the problem once and for all, and sometimes it eliminates it only for a couple of days. Then you call again.

Anonymous said...

I agree how did the development plans get approved for this driveway for a 1/2 a car, yet alone the pitch of the driveway? With the black car - I call them cockaroaches - I suspect the owner of this car lives in an illegal basement rental apartment. Why would he care that it blocks the sidewalk unless he got the rare ticket - but yes call 311 continuiously to hound him.

Anonymous said...

yep; there is a circular rolled up into the railing like you say. How charming it must look at night when the owner turns on their Christmas lights, strung along the railing.

Anonymous said...

1. They need to ticket people who park on the sidewalk.

2. Parking needs to cost what it costs to build it (at least dollars per hour).

3. I own a car and I know that I am getting mad freebees from America, when cars cost what they cost the nation, state, city and world, people will use them less and demand more public transit.

4. Car Drivers and owners attitude towards the world is Me-Me-Me.

5. I love Queenscrap!