Monday, December 24, 2007

Downtown Flushing development changes

Pictured is a rendering of what the RKO Keith's was to become. So much for that.

Redrawing Queens: Downtown Flushing’s Planned Growth Stays On Course – With Some Changes


Anonymous said...

Should be entitled "The Queens Clubhouse's view of the exciting, vibrant community of Flushing" - [gag gag gag]

According to Muss’ PR firm The Marino Organization, the undertaking is creating jobs. [and according the investigative reporter of the paper, how many of these jobs will be permanent and available for local people?]

“The data we have on job creation is that the project will create approximately 5,000 construction jobs and 2,000 permanent jobs,” Marino spokeswoman Julia Winkler said.
[whose data, yours? permanent jobs like porters? and how many taxpayers dollars will be needed to make your jobs?]

Willets Point presents an opportunity, Stavisky said, for creating new affordable housing. [oh yes, that affordable housing canard – any talk about the infrastructure to support it? besides, like leprechauns and the bag of gold at the end of a rainbow, has anyone ever defined just what this myth is – or is it a bone thrown to a community getting bulldozed, or shifting populations of immigrants into a community to maintain the clubhouse control]

“For better or worse, [Queens] is getting to resemble Manhattan,” Liu said. [what? huh? better or WORSE? some leadership there. I am glad he is along for the ride. He is the wrong person to ask about the future, we need to go to the developers to find that out.]

some cited the Feng Shui at the intersection of Northern and Main as deterring some of the Asian developers that would have typically shown interest. [Feng what? bullshit, bullshit, bullshit. What is next, reading chicken entrails, Santeria, tossing stones into the dust? This is America. We are educated. We don't plan our communities on hokus pokus. Well actually, no more - they are a bunch of rank amateurs in city planning so any excuse including chicken entrails are about as good as their work these days]

Homes & Shops For All [Nice editorial masquerading as an informative title]

Toby Stavisky (D-Flushing) has grown concerned about the future of Queens’ middle-income people. She was scheduled to attend an affordable housing meeting with Gov. Eliot Spitzer Thursday. [Wonderful. Considering her clubhouse has walked away from them for the tweeded she should be worried. Some day they will wake up and vote for someone else]

“Affordable housing is one of the unmet needs that we have,” Stavisky said. [Well, there are a lot of unmet needs, transportation, schools, sanitation, power needs in the future, sinking housing built on ponds and the like. A tax base that is built on Wall Street supporting the tweeded, etc etc etc.]

The administration and everyone in involved should make it a priority to unite the community with the objective of building a new great neighborhood while respecting the rights of those who are there currently and not to invoke eminent domain as a first measure.” [And …. how … about … the … community … deciding …. what … THEY … want?]

As Flushing continues to develop it may need to look west to Manhattan and a bit father to the east, to Asia that is, for insight, investors and even inhabitants. [John, hang it up. Gary, hang it up. No one believes in your crap any longer. You have taken what used to be a beautiful community with first class housing, shopping, etc, and made it into a filthy immigrant slum where only the desperate can live. For the more worldly, please read the following:]

Anonymous said...

Look familiar?

Thanks to the clubhouse, it now is, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Hey now....let's all keep our holiday spirit.

I propose a colossal bronze sculpture
be erected on the east bank of the Flushing Creek.

Instead of a roasted X-mas boar
(the traditional medieval fare)
let's have Toby Stavisky.....
done to a turn....with an apple in her mouth....
attended by John Liu
scooping chestnut stuffing
out of her ass !

Anonymous said...

Flushing is a festering ugly dump. What the politicians did to it is a crime.

The whole thing should be bulldozed. Bring back urban renewal.

Anonymous said...

Funny all this 'affordable development'... only becomes affordable when you turn a one bedroom apartment and subdivide it w/ eight bunk beds and rent them out by the day.

Another thought - no one talks about mass transit limitations (mess transit??) w/ increased development - oh, I forgot, no one takes the Q44/20, Q17 or 58 anymore - the new residents will take one of the unlicensed dollar vans.

Flu-Shing, the new Workers Paradise!

Anonymous said...

It's actually spelled "F-Liu-xhing".

Tommy Huang's cousin John Liu prefers it that way.

Anonymous said...

We are being force fed a second rate Chinatown.

I asked some old time business owners
in the real Chinatown (Mott St.)
what they thought of Flushing.

"Low class or no class"....was the consensus!

A woman from Shanghai confided in me
that although she'd done work for a Shanghai
developer that was responsible for
one of the Flushing projects.....
she wouldn't be caught dead living there.

"Why take up residence in a third world neighborhood? That's for Fukienese.
People from my part of China are of a better class".

Anonymous said...

Forget development changes, Flushing is beyond help.