Monday, December 24, 2007

Schenkler's wish list

Here's a sample of Santa Schenkler's wish list for our favorite tweeders:

May The New Year Bring Peace To Us All

Peter Vallone, Jr: name recognition, boroughwide -- especially among single women.

Um, okay...

Melinda Katz: The brass ring.

To match her brass balls.

Anthony Weiner: He has boundless energy, perhaps he could use a moustache, too.

Yes, to match his "beard"... (tee hee)

Dennis Gallagher: May he find peace, good will and grace after a terrible year.

Yes, Pinky's had a bad year. But just think how bad it's been for his victim.

Sounds like this guy's been knocking back the egg nog.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Mike, what about me? Can't you wish me a plea bargain or least some more kid's money to 'borrow' for my defense?

Anonymous said...

How about we wish Gallagher justice for 2008.

Anonymous said...

you got to admire Shenkler's perpetual snarl. Pretty intimidating. If I worked in his office I'd be hesitant to get up from my desk, even to dash to the john.

Anonymous said...

Does this not expose the Alice in Wonderland world of our borough's leadership - unchallenged for a generation or more, they ride serenely into .... oblivion.

Crappie, like the mammal, eating away at all those big ole dinosaur eggs until one day those lumbering giants will wake up and find themselves all alone.

Anonymous said...

Keep writing that crap Schenkler. Build up a credibility gap with the public.

How about a wish list for the COMMUINITIES of Queens, or are we just a backdrop for your clubhouse cronies?

Anonymous said...

Shenkler says:
"Hillary Clinton: a title to replace Senator" Here's my suggestion: loser.

For Gallagher: Let's give him and Bubba wedding gifts.

Anonymous said...

"Hillary Clinton: a title to replace Senator" Here's my suggestion: loser.

How about 'unemployeed.' Come on, Schenkler, once again you have the politicians interests over the people.

This woman deserves a promotion because she has all but abondonded us since she got reelected, or it would be good for the clubhouse?

Anonymous said...

Toby Stavisky: continued growth as an impressive, hard-working, reform-oriented, elder statesperson in Albany.

Gag. What planet does the a*hole that wrote this crap live on?

How about: The poster child for everything that is wrong in Queens.

Anonymous said...

"Joe Crowley: a Queens County Democratic organization united behind what is best for the people."

HA HA HA HA I'll be laughing at the Christmas dinner table over that one.

Anonymous said...

Schenkler's Wish List is just another example of the Trib's kissing up to politcians.

If I were the editor, I'd write to "Gary Ackerman:" that flower on your suit wilted long ago!

Of course the Trib would never write something this negative about its exalted founder.

Anonymous said...

Hey people, you shouldn't pick on Pinky at this time of the year, you should have sympathy for him. Being an Elf he must work at the north pole this time of year. Santa only has one bar and no brothels, so this time of year is torturous to the Pink. It's not fun and games like most of the year when he is making cookies in the Keebler tree. PS- Pinky, I truly love those chocolate covered creme filled wafers you make with the rest of the Elves, it is your true calling. And stop using hydrogenated oils, you Elves should be more health conscious.