Friday, December 21, 2007

Fire Marshals at Fort Totten

New York City fire marshals will conduct more investigations and make more arrests with the hiring of 32 new marshals and the opening of new offices at Fort Totten in Bayside, Fire Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta said Wednesday.

FDNY adds 37 marshals, opens new base in Bayside

With 27 new fire marshals and five new fire marshal supervisors, the unit will investigate about 1,400 more fires citywide each year and increase the overall number of arrests, Scoppetta said.

FDNY investigators based at Fort Totten handle investigations throughout Queens, the Bronx and northern Manhattan. The Citywide North Command, staffed by 37 fire marshals, eight supervising fire marshals and a deputy chief fire marshal, was already based at Fort Totten. But now it has taken up residence in a recently restored, century-old landmark building that once served as Army officers' quarters, FDNY officials said. The three-story, 12,000 square-foot building contains an interview room, a holding cell, a kitchen, a conference room and office space.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Alleged (?) accused (?)
arsonist (?) Tommy Huang
once hired an NYC fire marshal
to advise him on getting off the hook
with some of his many violations.

Anyone remember his name ?

H-m-m-m !

These are the only guys permitted
to carry guns in the FDNY.

"Stop....halt....hands up.....
assume the position....Mr. Huang".

Yeah....sure....dream on !