Sunday, December 30, 2007

The New York Bloomberg Post

Why did the NY Post print these 2 articles which read like city hall press releases without any kind of analysis?



Let's leave this statement alone, too:

He said a park would be even more costly to build because of remediation issues and pointed out that homes were constructed in the area in anticipation of the golf course.

"While we probably don't have any legal obligation to build one, there's some kind of moral obligation, I suppose," the mayor added.

The hit to taxpayers is estimated at $20 million to $50 million.


No, you have a moral obligation to not waste taxpayer money on a failed golf course project. Especially in the Bronx, the poorest of the boroughs. And last I checked, a golf course is a park. That's why it's being managed by the Parks Department.

Why does this mayor get his ass kissed by the press all the time instead of getting grilled and criticized as previous mayors did?


Anonymous said...

this may just be due to its being around New Years. No one really wants to read anything negative around this time of year, to spoil the festive air and optimistic hope for better days. In another week or so the Post will be go back to slamming Mike left and right, again, and all but calling him a stupid a**. Mark my words.

Anonymous said...

No they really went after Giuliani. This guy is getting off easy.

Anonymous said...

Maybe because he's a media mogul and friends with all the top guys.

Anonymous said...

Maybe because most people in this city see that he has done an outstanding job as mayor and has led many initiative that have brought positive changes. Not everyone just sits around and complains and criticizes everyone and everything like you do. It is easy to criticize when you ignore important facts and don't have any productive ideas of your own. You should read the Theodore Roosevelt quote: "It is not the critic who counts: not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly . . ."

Anonymous said...

Giuliani cleaned the city up so that Bloomberg could come in and do his thing. The press was relentless against him.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God, this sounds like Matt Gorton 2 commenters up.

Anonymous said...

"The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly."

This description better fits middle class Queens, who gets squeezed from both the top and bottom, not a billionaire with an inflated ego.

Anonymous said...

We're just supposed to swallow the crap that flows out of city hall and do so with a smile. Remember that all dictators assume control of the mainstream media.

parnell said...

What is Adrian Benepe running for? He must spend half his day, everyday talking to reporters. Why doesn't he do some real work, like creating a park at St. Saviors, or maybe a nature preserve at ridgewood reservoir?

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg served some holiday Kool-Aid and the paper drank it up.

Anonymous said...

My family lived
in the Sound View/Classon's Point
section of the Bronx until 1955....
so I'm thoroughly familiar
with Ferry Point Park and its environs
over the long term.

We often went there on our weekend outings.

As kids
we used to watch the NYC sanitation trucks
dump their ripe loads
on the east side of theWhitestone Bridge toll plaza.
It was quite an "attraction" to us locals.....
and very "fragrant" !

The gulls circling high above
would suddenly swoop down looking for a meal
as each garbage truck pulled in....
often grabbing some of the "tasty "morsels
before they even hit the ground!

This is where Bloomberg
wants to spend our tax money....
building an ill conceived golf course
(and/or whatever)
that a private developer had to abandon
because of the prohibitive
environmental remediation costs?

This area is seething with the remains
of decades of foul deposits and toxic waste.

The quality of life in NYC
will vastly improve for all its residents
as soon as "our" mayor leaves office....
and that, fellow citizens, can't be too soon!

Meanwhile the rest of the Bronx rots
in need of practically everything.

Could there be a plan, under wraps, to "develop"
the adjacent areas just to the east and west.....
(Throgg's neck & Harding Park) ?

A golf course could be quite an amenity
to offer a would be buyer
of a newly built water view "luxury" condo.

What do you

How about building on top of
the Fresh Kills landfill.... your honor?
Is that part of the plan....let's say....for 2030?

Anonymous said...

Kool Aid....
you mean the Jonestown variety?

He's killing us all though....whatever the method.

Uh.....I was just joking....
please don't put the cops on me.....
can't resist some sick humor.

We all need a laugh
with Mayor Napoleon burning his way
across New York!

Anonymous said...

You mean little Matt Gorton....
exiled somewhere to the sub cellar
of some obscure NYC law department
way out in the stix?

He must spend his lunch breaks
playing poker with his fellow
subterranean piss ants and earthworms.

Who the hell else is down there
he can socialize with?

But if he's posting,
there must be a computer terminal
in the office.

Hello-o-o-o down there there Matt.
Whew....what an echo!

verdi said...

Maybe more people should complain
more loudly and more often (as they're doing here)
about being screwed by their political "representatives"
instead of kneeling down and kissing their asses....
begging them for favors in return.

This is supposed to be a republic
where ....."WE THE PEOPLE".... rule!

Thus, maybe the hired hand we elected for mayor
will be forced deliver better living conditions for all
NYC residents and not just for his wealthy friends!

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg's game is this simple.

If you're making beneath $100,000 a year, he wants you OUT of HIS city!

Where do you go?

It ain't his worry! You're just expendable!

(Unless you're an illegal, then you're welcome to stay to serve the millionaires)

Anonymous said...

Oh, man, I love when we get that TR quote shoved our way. Remember the most famous invocation of this ode to the purity of doers? Yeah, Tricky Dick, just minutes before leaving the White House forever! You'd think that would have rendered this particular axiom radioactive for generations...

Anonymous said...

I ask myself that question every day. My guess is Americans have some blind spot where really rich people are concerned. We think that, because they're wealthy, they're worthy of respect and must know what they're doing. That's why most of Congress is made up of millionaires.

Anonymous said...

So, the Commissar is now into imposing his religious beliefs on taxpayers. Moral obligations are determined by religions, not secular legislation or secular officials.

But the Commissar is above all that. If he wants something, then its our moral obligation to give it without complaint.

How the hell else did he get to be Commissar?

Is any midget qualified? Or just rich midgets? Or, just fairy Midgets?

Anonymous said...

Right on TaxPayer!

Any man under 5'11" should be catagorized as a woman and be forced to wear a skirt!!!

Anonymous said...

The intelligence of this commentary is astounding. (sarcasm)