Sunday, December 23, 2007

How cozy, part 2

Mayor Bloomberg's closest aide, Deputy Mayor Patti Harris, has been working for his charitable foundation without first getting clearance from city ethics watchdogs.

Harris, who earns $227,219 a year on the city payroll, took on an advisory role for the Bloomberg Family Foundation, which the mayor set up last year to give away his billions.

Mayor Bloomberg's aides staff his foundation without city ethics check

And she's not the only city employee doing side work with the foundation.

Her assistant, Allison Jaffin, has also spent time working on behalf of the charity without prior approval from the city Conflicts of Interest Board.

The city charter generally bans bosses and subordinates from entering into business relationships with each other or doing private work on city time unless the Conflicts of Interest Board agrees it is in New York's best interest.

Photo from NY Times


Anonymous said...

Hey Mayor Bloomberg.....
how about showing some charity
towards St. Saviour's ?

Buy it (10 million's a bargain)
and donate it to the Maspeth community.

You can even convert it into a synagogue.

That's an appropriate Judeo/Christian solution.

Wadda ya say ?

Anonymous said...

Mayor Bloomberg is creating jobs in this city.... for his friends.

Anonymous said...

This woman is real scary.