Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Cold, gray crap

"New krapp on 162nd Street in Flushing between 43rd and 45th Avenues." Submitted by K.W.


Anonymous said...

a new outpatient surgery hospital??

Anonymous said...

this is John Liu's side of the tracks.
What can you expect?

The zoning sucks south of Northern Blv'd !

Mega-size Korean "churches" also abound here.

Anonymous said...

Whets that a lunatic asylum or a Korean bomb shelter ?
Oh wait, yep another Rev.Moon "Church" $$ talks plenty on Johnny Liu's side of the tracks.

Get this;
Has anybody seen that ...emm- well I dont know what to call it (Tibetan Airplane hanger) going up on 6 former single family lots on Bayside avenue just West of Parsons ?
The odd and crooked shaped roof is over a football field wide sitting on 40-60 feet Greek pilaster’s. And what looks like a huge open mortuary table underneath?

Anonymous said...

Is "Prison Break" shooting nearby?

Anonymous said...

Ask Liu about that airplane hanger.

By G-d he's dumb enough to
live in the middle of all this shit!

Come to think of it....
doesn't CB#7's supermouth Chuck Apellian
also live nearby?

If these hot shots can't even control
what goes up in their own hoods....
the rest of us common folk are doomed!

Anonymous said...

if somebody told me I had to live there I'd cry.