Saturday, December 22, 2007

How cozy

The city's Conflicts of Interest Board yesterday issued a waiver allowing Deputy Mayor Dan Doctoroff to continue working on two major city projects - even though they involve a developer he'll have to deal with when he becomes president of Bloomberg LP, the mayor's media company.


The board allowed Doctoroff to remain involved in the Moynihan station and Hudson Yards projects until his departure on Jan. 11 despite the fact that Vornado Realty - the landlord of Bloomberg LP - has roles in both.

Photo from Gothamist


parnell said...

They have no shame.

Anonymous said...

Why is Mickey looking at Danny's butt?

verdi said...

As they say, "Never steal anything small"!

If you're going to be a crook be a big one.

The corruption within this administration
is so blatant and arrogant.... it knows no bounds!

Only a federal investigation
can accomplish kicking these bums to the curb
where they belong.

But when you've got Bloomberg's billions
and influence....good luck!

Anonymous said...

Those who wield
such supreme power never have any shame!

Anonymous said...

Boil up the tar.
Gather the goose down.
Knot that rope.
Sharpen the ax.

Let's have a New York "tea party" !

georgetheatheist said...

"Knot that rope"

According to a report written by Sasha Austrie in the current Tribune's African-American readership-oriented SE PRESS:

"The City Council introduced Resolution 1172 which urged the state Assembly to pass bill A9480. THE BILL CALLS FOR AMENDMENTS THAT WOULD CLASSIFY THE DISPLAYING OF A NOOSE, A SYMBOL OF RACISM AND INTIMIDATION, AS A CLASS E FELONY OR AGGRAVATED HARASSMENT IN THE FIRST DEGREE [My emphasis]. The charge can garner a maximum of a four-year prison sentence.

The resolution is currently in the Public Safety Committee, chaired by Peter Vallone.Jr."

Vallone was quoted as saying that the noose bears the same symbol as a swastika and a burning cross. Councilman White, Assemblypersons Cook and Scarborough agree with the proposed legislation.

Sayonara the First Amendment to the U.S.Constitution?

(Jerry Rotundi, watch your ass.)

georgetheatheist said...

It would be interesting to see how that First Amendment champion Schenkler, the publisher of the SE PRESS, editorializes on this.

Anonymous said...

It's very difficult to tie (or even draw)
a good hangman's knot.

What do you say to the ax as a substitute?
A lot cleaner (and simpler to sketch).

(Crucifixion is definitely out of the question) !

Anonymous said...

watch your step George. I have my eye on you. :-[

Queens Crapper said...

A9840: Adds etching, painting, drawing or otherwise placing or displaying a noose, a symbol of racism and intimidation, on a building or other real property without the express permission of the owner to ways of committing aggravated harassment in the first degree.

Artistic expression is still allowed. Just not spray painted on property without permission.

Anonymous said...

Name the person who truly believes that he or she will ever have enough money or power.

As for drawing a noose, what about spelling the word out? Once that bill is passed into law, the law itself will be illegal because it contains the word noose.

A trial will be illegal because the drawing and/or the word noose would play a prominent role.

Vallone and his ilk demonstrate their loathing for the constitution and their oath to defend it. Naturally, their loathing for us is on autopilot.

The bottom line question: is it "consent of the governed" or "the king has returned"?

Anonymous said...

Don "Junior" Vallone
is always on the losing side
of all the ridiculous bills
that are introduced in the city council.

Remember how he railed against
the legal use of legitimate aerosol art
(not grafitti) in Time magazine's ad campaign....
and Mark Echo's outdoor art exhibit
employing the same media ?

The "councilman" is a headline grabbing wimp....
heir to a throne of laziness and corruption !

Hell get his ass kicked....
just like he got from Echo's lawyers!

verdi said...

Note regarding the swastika:

Anyone with a meager education in art knows
that this is an ancient symbol
that the 3rd Reich ripped off for their twisted use.

East Indian, American Indian, Chinese art etc.
employs the use of this graphic device.

You can find examples of it
in both their past and present art.

Anonymous said...

Democratic Dictionary:

Blumberg Blitzkrieg: ethnic cleansing for yuppie leibensraum.

see also:

-Displace those dark skinned folks.

-Push them into the sea.

-Riechsmarshall Herr Docktorov.

-Community displacement

Anonymous said...

Swastikas may've also been hoodwinked from the Mystic/Occult Thule Society: