Monday, March 22, 2021

Since the pandemic is winding down, Cuomo feels hospitals need budget cuts



Assemblywoman Catalina Cruz joined City Council candidate Shekar Krishnan, union representatives and members of the New York State Nurses Association at Elmhurst Hospital to protest Governor Andrew Cuomo’s proposed $600 million budget cuts to public hospitals.

“Our community suffered so much during the pandemic. Our essential and frontline workers were put in harm’s way every day. Elmhurst Hospital was overrun and undersupplied, and our communities lost so many loved ones,” Cruz said. “For the executive branch to now propose cutting more than $20 million from Elmhurst Hospital’s budget is both dangerous and cruel. These cuts have been rejected by the Assembly as they will be fatal to our healthcare workers and they will be fatal to the many patients in their care. Our hospitals need more funding, not less.”

Krishnan, a community activist and civil rights lawyer specializing in fighting housing discrimination and preventing community displacement, co-founded Communities Resist, a legal services organization that addresses housing and racial justice in Queens and Brooklyn.

“It is unbelievable and irresponsible that in the midst of a global pandemic there are proposals to cut funding for our public hospitals. Elmhurst Hospital serves nearly a million residents and was the epicenter of the epicenter of the pandemic,” Krishnan said. “We cannot stand by and let our community be deprioritized and disinvested in again and again. We demand full funding for our public hospitals, expansion of the new York Cares Act, and greater support for community-based healthcare services.”

Nefritte Larkin spoke on behalf of the New York State Nursing Association which represents more than 9,000 workers in the city’s public hospital system.

“We are the frontline workers. We were here every single day and we’re still here,” Larkin said. “For Governor Cuomo to even suggest that there will be budget cuts to our safety net hospitals is a gross insult not just to the communities of color but also to the workers.”



Anonymous said...

I'm shocked !

Anonymous said...

Plenty of cash for social programs, free phones and free everything else.This is truly a shock.

Anonymous said...

How soon we forget the front line workers.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, cut everything, as a matter of fact close the hospitals, no need for them.

Anonymous said...

Large Tax Breaks for Amazon to open in NYC.

1 Billion dollars for a new Yankee Stadium.

1 Billion dollars for a new Mets Stadium.

Tax Breaks for Hedge fund Managers, Real Estate Developers, and Wall Street.

Lowered the number of deaths at Nursing Homes so Cuomo could look good for the media.

Signed the "Bail Reform" Laws to let Violent repeat offenders roam free after they are arrested so they can commit more violent acts against innocent bystanders and citizens.

Now wants to cut funding for public hospitals in the middle of a pandemic where so many people were hospitalized, treated, or died from a contagious virus.

People of NY, Rise Up, Start Protesting against Cuomo, an Unpatriotic, self-serving prick who only looks out for big business, billionaires, and his image.

Anonymous said...

Benito has cojones!

"I'm not going anywhere, darling" says Gov. Cuomo to a supporter

Anonymous said...

Like Harris...
"Unpatriotic, self-serving who only looks out for big business, billionaires"
Are we supposed to be surprised that someone who made a living and a career locking people up would laugh at kids being locked up ?

It must work for her. She laughed about jailing moms of truant kids too, and she still got to be VP.

Anonymous said...

What we have here is a solid case of white supremacy.

Anonymous said...

I thought the Demacrats Covid Stimulus Bill,$1.9 TRILLION Dollars fixed all this stuff? You telling me they lied?
Who do I talk too about this BS,

Anonymous said...

Hero's to Zeros,where did I hear that before??o yes
September 11 2001.

Anonymous said...

"People of NY, Rise Up"
Na, I got my Netflix, Porn Hub, Gruber and a Huber, I'm good !
Plus AOC will take care of us just wait and see.

Anonymous said...

There are more than 300,000 municipal workers in the NYC in total.
A 10% haircut to DeBozio's bloated budget could help the tax payers !

Anonymous said... political mobster!!!!

Anonymous said...

Cuomo wants "$600 million dollar budget cuts to public hospitals".

What the hell is Cuomo thinking? How is budget cuts to hospitals going to help New Yorkers who are sick and need treatment by essential workers and hospital staff going to help them?

Cuomo is a sellout to billionaires and big business.

Citizens of New York, band together and get Cuomo out of office!!

Anonymous said...

Joe Biden is already the worst president and it's only been 2 months .