Wednesday, March 17, 2021

More luxury public housing towers are coming to Hallets Point



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The public will get an opportunity next week to weigh in on a developer’s proposal to build a 1-million-square-foot complex – with 1,400 apartments – on the Halletts Point peninsula in Astoria.

The Department of City Planning is holding a virtual public scoping meeting (this sounds like it's straight from planning together-JQ), where attendees can make comments about the planned development – called “Halletts North.” The meeting is scheduled to take place Monday, March 22 from 2:00 p.m. until 5 p.m.

The Halletts North project is planned to go up just a block away from the Durst Organization’s massive Halletts Point project. Both projects are by the East River, near Astoria Houses.

The developers behind the Halletts North project need a series of zoning changes as they look to transform the existing 3.8-acre industrial site at 3-15 26th Avenue into a giant apartment complex.

The development would consist of three residential towers – one 22 stories, another 31 stories and a third 35 stories, according to an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) filed with City Planning last month by Astoria Owners LLC.

More than 300 of the estimated 1,400 units would be set aside for affordable housing. The project would also include 3,600 square feet of retail space, a 9,700-square-foot community facility and a 525-space parking garage, the EIS stated.

The project, which is being designed by Studio V Architecture and Ken Smith Workshop, would also transform 40,000 square feet of industrial space into a public waterfront promenade, which would be accessible through a new road at 3rd Street.

The developers touted the promenade as a way to connect one of the last stretches of previously inaccessible waterfront with the rest of the peninsula.

“For too long, this site blocked families from accessing and enjoying the waterfront,” said Jim Hedden, a representative of the development team, in a statement. “Now, we look forward not only to connecting our Halletts Point neighbors with this resource, but to creating new economic, educational and environmental opportunities and revitalizing a disused portion of our shoreline.”


Anonymous said...

More "affordable housing" that nobody really qualifies for ....wonderful

Anonymous said...

525-space parking garage for 1,400 apartments ?
I think 1,500 parking spots would be needed don't you ?

Anonymous said...

I think 1,500 parking spots would be needed don't you ?

At a minimum. 2000 is a more realistic number.

Affordable my...

Anonymous said...

'Bishop' Taylor - now there is the guy - goes around pushing for development - even if it means pushing out a local church once, and if Durst is stalled while this is going forward you know it has to be the local boys behind it. As Snake would say, 'Bishop of What?'

where is Michael giant-airs - I bet nowhere. remember when we said he showed up as a 'champion of the people' in Anabel Basin when it was speculated that he was really champian of the local developers cut out of the deal.

Name names local press - who from the community is behind this? Why don't they do this in Vallonia along 23 Ave?

Anonymous said...

525-space parking garage for 1,400 apartments? I think 1,500 parking spots would be needed?

No with Durst being pushed out for the local developers you can imagine these places are built by the local talent which often means as cheap as possible - a few storms on the waterfront and they will begin to show their age. Amenities will go the way they went on 21st Street.

Since many landlords in Queens do not maintain their buildings - let garbage accumulate and make half-hearted repairs, what will happen is that the Astoria Houses will move in before long and the city will no longer be stuck with that population. Now it's been explained to you it's ok to go home now. There is nothing here people.

Anonymous said...

"Affordable Housing" Sure it is.
How staggering is it that the media is literally reporting that Joe just ended poverty.

Anonymous said...

Concerned Citizen said...
The Biden administration plans to create a faster-working asylum processing system that will fill up these apartments. And you the NY tax paying sheeple will pay for it !

Anonymous said...

"We have to put these millions of third world refugees somewhere, why not Astoria?" - a quote from The billionaire oligarchs who stole the election.

Anonymous said...

If developers catered to "environmental opportunities" they would be out of business.

Anonymous said...

"A quote from The billionaire oligarchs who stole the election"
It's much easier to fool someone than it is to convince them they have been fooled.
Years from now we will get the truth and the world will see the big lie !

Anonymous said...

Here come more rich hipsters

Anonymous said...

The problem here is the local gang that milks Astoria for everything it has and will leave a community that will become an Elmhurst.

Anonymous said...

"Here come more rich hipsters"
No mention of the inevitable Tax Abatements.
Ya know it has to happen.

Anonymous said...

Hipsters were a decade ago you PROBABLY mean future illegal citizens since we can't call them aliens,you know that's what they will be when Biden is done,get used to calling them illegal citizens,it will drive the Progs nutso to say they stole their passage.