Friday, March 19, 2021

Shaun Donavan needs his daddy to make him mayor


 New York Times

With New York City’s mayoral primary a little more than three months away and a deadline to qualify for the city’s generous matching-funds program having just passed, pleas for donations have been in overdrive in recent days.

But in the background, another spigot of money has quietly opened for two Democratic mayoral candidates who are trailing in early polls: Raymond J. McGuire and Shaun Donovan.

An independent expenditure committee for Mr. McGuire, a former Wall Street executive, has garnered more than $3 million since Feb. 1, with more than 70 donations from business magnates, including Kenneth Langone, the billionaire co-founder of Home Depot; the art world philanthropist Agnes Gund; and the real estate developer Aby J. Rosen.

A new super PAC for Mr. Donovan, a former cabinet member in the Obama administration, in contrast, has drawn $1.02 million from just two donors — the primary benefactor being his father, Michael Donovan, an executive in the ad tech industry who donated $1 million.

In an interview, Mr. Donovan, the candidate’s father, said he was trying to “level the playing field,” particularly since some candidates began raising money before they even declared they were running for mayor.

“I can’t give very much to Shaun directly, and seeing the amount of money McGuire had raised and all these other people, I felt he needed enough to go out and compete and get the message across,” Mr. Donovan said.

 Impunity City

In other words, Shaun Donavon, a man who recently turned 55 years old and worked for Mayor Mike Bloomberg and President Obama, saw his current predicament in the mayor’s race and said:



It’s not even worth going into why he’s running and why he’ll be a shit mayor just like the current shit mayor who’s been stinking up city hall for 7.3 years, but to summarize Shaunny will not to do a thing to improve the housing crisis and the continuing demolition by neglect of public housing in the five boroughs considering they never improved in his time running city housing in New York and Housing and Urban Development in the White House.


Anonymous said...

The NYT became a POS rag !

Anonymous said...

Lying Fake News Legacy media wants people to focus on issues they choose or the general public doesn't focus on. NYT is a Hoaxed Rag Paper no right minded person should read !

Anonymous said...

Sleepy Joe needs "DR" Jill to put on his socks !

Anonymous said...

Sleepy Joe needs "DR" Jill to put on his socks

You think?

Anonymous said...

My my-more high quality candidates running for mayor.
No matter who wins the sham election the citizens will lose. You can take that to the bank.

Anonymous said...

Communism on full display

Mayor de Blasio Tells NYPD To Pay People Home Visits For "Hurtful" Comments

Now is not OK to defund the police you two faced liar?

Anonymous said...

Di Blasio should send them to every white neighborhood in N.Y. for calling all white people Racist Supemist Murderers ,but I won't be happy unless it's him personally apologizing and Kissing my Lilly White Ass on CNN,pucker up you commie bastard.

Anonymous said...

Weren't Spitzer's campaigns primarily funded by his father's contributions as well?