Tuesday, March 23, 2021

City prioritizing new Queens jail despite pandemic and lawsuits

To all KGCA members with email addresses on file and Friends of KGCA:

Today we were apprised of the attached plans and drawings prepared by the NY City Department of Design and Construction ("DDC") for the proposed Kew Gardens Jail Parking Garage and Community Space. They are to be presented by DDC via Internet to Community Board 9's Land Use Committee for discussion (via Internet) Thursday evening, March 25.

Aside from confirming that the City is proceeding with the multi-billion dollar, four-borough jails project -- even while the various court cases contesting the project are still pending -- they came as a sickening surprise. These plans had NO community input and they are very different and far removed from those concepts described or implied during previous discussions over the last two years. In this they are like the plans for the jail project itself -- developed in secret by a small group in the Mayor's office with no input from any affected community or the Community Board and let loose upon us as a done deal.

We are not even sure what the City expects from this meeting -- consent, feedback or is it just another procedural box to be checked off and any input from the Community will be irrelevant?

To avail yourself of the DDC presentation, open the attachment below.


Dominick Pistone, President, KGCA
Murray Berger, Executive Chairman, KGCA

Kew Gardens jail parking lot and community space by queenscrapper on Scribd


Anonymous said...

NYT: This is all due to WHITE SUPREMACY !

JQ LLC said...

Maybe the reason why this tower jail is being hurriedly induced on Kew Gardens is because de Blasio still has his emergency powers and is exploiting the pandemic to push it through.

Easy to see why the Park Slope Dope is so desperate, considering the recent miscues at Rikers with letting their phone line get tapped and mistakenly releasing two men with murder raps.

Like I said days ago, the closure of Rikers is demolition by incompetence and it's being done on purpose.

Anonymous said...

Another strongly worded letter, that'll show them. The community voted for this, and now they will get it good and hard.

Anonymous said...

Could it be NO ONE is held accountable for their actions anymore ?

2021 Pepperballs are an acceptable response to twerking
2016 when for 2 weeks the world came close to global peace catching Pokemon

Anonymous said...

"Stand up to Hate" Disassociated psychosis !

Anonymous said...

Homeless man charged with hate crime in NYC anti-Asian attack.


Unknown said...

Love how they're trying to sweeten the deal by including free parking and a community facility.

Anonymous said...

This is everything but the jail itself, no? Jail is still secret? What is the emergency evacuation plan for the jail to keep community safe as well as inmates?

Anonymous said...

Rikers alumni here,flooding will be a Major problem,there going to need sewer lines as big as the midtown tunnel,you wouldn't believe what can get forced down a toilet,I'm going to stand out front the new jail selling INDOOR UMBRELLAS !!

Anonymous said...

Since Bill DeBlasio and his wife, Chirlane McCray admire and idolize criminals, why doesn't

DeBlasio open new city prisons in Park Slope, Brooklyn where they live?

DeBlasio should put city prisons and homeless shelters near Gracie Mansion too.

Maybe they would know what it is like to live, and walk by homeless drug addicts, violent
criminals everyday and wonder if or when they will be attack, beaten or stabbed.

Anonymous said...

community facility....what a joke

"Lets spend some quality time at the lovely community center at the new jail"

Anonymous said...

But will the new jail have a Starbucks for the inmates?

Anonymous said...

Jake TapHer said...
Thank you for commenting on the terrible Dem policy effect on New York.

Anonymous said...

How can anyone in their right mind think this is a good idea? You have an island with plenty of space and more space can be added if need be and you have to build a tower in the middle of congested neighborhoods costing billions .All the extra cars and buses and the threat of escaping prisoners to boot just so prisoners and their families can be less inconvenienced.
Riker's offered plenty space for exercise and fresh air,will they be taking prisoners to the
local parks for that?

Anonymous said...

"How can anyone in their right mind think this is a good idea?"
Because it's Blue no matter who in NY !

Anonymous said...

Towering inferno

Anonymous said...

Di Blasio should be run over with a Steam Roller