Tuesday, March 2, 2021

How to Talk Out Both Sides of Your Mouth, by Adrienne Adams

If you made it to the end of the video posted yesterday, you witnessed Adrienne Adams do a song and dance over how great Planning Together is and how much more input community boards will supposedly get in the land use process should the bill be passed into law. The video above is bookmarked to where she adamantly asserts this. Then at the end of the hearing, after community board representatives and constituents trashed the bill, her demeanor did a 180.

"Somebody said you didn't hear from your elected officials. We wanted the narrative to go around. So that was very intentional."
That is simply the biggest bunch of malarkey EVER. Elected officials don't withhold information from their constituents in order to further the conversation, they do it to squelch opposition. You were given marching orders to keep mum.

"We wanted to make sure that this legislation was scrutinized from A to Z."
You wanted to slip this bill past the goalie so you didn't bother to notify the public or community boards that it was taking place and they had to find out from a leaked email to council members.

"If we don't have the voice of the people behind this as you all noticed, if you look at who is sponsoring this legislation and I believe it's only one person from Queens on this bill, there's a reason for that as well."
Well, finally a bit of truth!

Adrienne Adams wants to be the next Speaker of the City Council, so she is trying to be a good foot soldier for county and for REBNY. But her constituents are not stupid, so she has to try to play both sides. And guess what? With Ruben Wills back in the picture, she now has to raise money for re-election, nevermind worry about the speaker's race. Calling Marisa Lago "duplicitous" while talking out both sides of your mouth? Hey pot, the kettle's calling.


JQ LLC said...

Looks like Adams suddenly remembered that a lot single family homeowners in her district are Black and Brown people. And also remembered those extremely out of scale garish and empty residential towers that are lined up on Archer Ave that went on with her embrace of MIH zoning in that area.

Plus she didn't help her campaign much by appearing with Cuomo at the York College vac center opening and awkwardly chortled with the rest of her SE Queens machine peers when Cuomo alluded to choosing to inject the vaccine into a "certain part of the anatomy"

Anonymous said...

​NY City and State, need a complete Financial Audit !

Anonymous said...

​Almost a year and we're still locked down in NYC and he is telling Jokes about "certain part of the anatomy" fucking asshole !