Thursday, March 11, 2021

Cops are on the Cuomo beat.

NY Post

 The Albany Police Department has been formally notified about the allegation that Gov. Andrew Cuomo groped a female staffer in an incident that may amount to a crime, a source familiar with the matter said Thursday.

Cops haven’t launched an official probe but have “reached out to the victim’s attorney and offered up any other police assistance,” a police spokesman said.

“At this time, there has been no formal criminal complaint and there is no active criminal investigation,” spokesman Steve Smith said.

Cuomo’s acting counsel, Beth Garvey, acknowledged in a statement that state officials had referred the matter for possible criminal investigation.

“As a matter of state policy when allegations of physical contact are made, the agency informs the complainant that they should contact their local police department,” Garvey said.

NY Post  

The independent investigators spearheading the probe into sexual harassment allegations against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo have launched a fact-finding website.

High-profile attorneys Joon Kim and Anne Clark are asking anyone with information relating to the investigation to come forward.

Those with relevant information can contact the investigators at 212-225-3100 for voice messages, 518-545-0870 for texts or via email at, the site says.

Mario's son is truly getting thrown under the bus here. Love wins.


Anonymous said...

It would make my year to see the Albany police storm into the capital and take him out in cuffs. But we all know it won't happen. This whole thing will blow over in a few months, and King Cuomo will be re elected with a comfortable margin.

Anonymous said...

Its true it’s a prerequisite for a democrat is to be a faithful LIAR & morally corrupted!
There are 249 millionaires in congress, that proves crimes pay off.

Anonymous said...

2 lawyers fire bombed NYC cop car, barbarian invited into capitol building. Guess who is doing more time in jail?

Anonymous said...

Cops tailing their boss? What a lot of blather!

Anonymous said...

Lock this POS up!

Anonymous said...

#7 has appeared.

Lovely, just lovely.

Meanwhile - Cuomo’s Greatest Crime – Creating Policies So His Assistant’s Family and Donors Could Make Millions From COVID Patients in Elderly Homes

Ned said...

This whole thing will blow over in a few months, and King Cuomo will be re elected with a comfortable margin.
Yep, wont be enough evidence because its based on hearsay. I think its an organized attempt by the communists to get him out.
Don't be fooled !
The only reason Democrats want to boot this asshole out is because they want to install a total communist like deBlasio.
Its the last flick of the domino they desperately need.
The media is driving this pedal to the floor.
Looking at the social media of most these woman making the accusations it seems they are all AOC type activists, assorted baton twirling lesbians with an agendas going back years.
I hate Cuomo II but don't want something WORSE like deBlasio, his wife, Letitia James, Maxine Waters or AOC seated !
Why cant New Yorkers see what democrats, attorney general and the media are jointly attempting to accomplish by firing up the mostly stupid dumb ass public ?


JQ LLC said...


de Blasio has zero chance of becoming governor. The solidarity loathing of him by both left and right of the political spectrum is expansive.

These women are not lesbians and I don't think they are socialist either, if there is a connection with these women and Cuomo's lascivious attraction to them is all of them are young enough to be and resemble his daughters. And the way he chose and wielded his power over them was equivalent to Harvey Weinstein's predatory behavior.

You and the others are right that he's not going anywhere. Primarily because the nursing home scandal warrants a federal investigation that it's never going to get with Biden and a neolib dominated Dem majority Senate.

Anonymous said...


Absolutely correct. The co-conspirators want him gone, because of the nursing home debacle, the sex, groping, now physical assault on his ex wife are side show only.

They trying to send him a message to resign and get lost.

There will be no federal investigation either, only sex and abuse will be investigated.

Too many heavy hitters in the ring.