Thursday, February 18, 2016

What happens when a shelter opens in an area

From LIC Post:

The Commanding Officer of the 114 Precinct has called on the community board for help in combating crime at a women’s homeless shelter in Long Island City, following two violent incidents that broke out at the shelter last week.

Captain Peter Fortune addressed Community Board 1 at its monthly meeting Tuesday and asked the Board to reach out to the City regarding the women’s shelter in the former Verve Hotel, located at 40-03 29th Street.

Fortune informed the Board of two incidents where residents of the shelter had to be arrested, with one resident assaulting police officers.

The first incident occurred on Feb. 11, where police responded to a dispute between two roommates. As police arrived, one roommate struck the other in the head with a metal object, Fortune said.

The suspect was arrested and taken to Cornell Hospital’s psychiatric center for evaluation. Upon arrival, as the suspect was being taken out of the ambulance, she assaulted an officer.

“She head butted the officer,” Fortune said. “That officer has been out with injuries.”

While in the hospital, the suspect struck an officer numerous times with a metal IV pole and kicked him. That officer has needed treatment as well.

Then on Feb. 12, a resident refused to go through the shelter’s metal detectors and began to act aggressively, Fortune said. She broke the metal detectors and then began throwing chairs and bottles around the lobby.

She was arrested and brought to Cornell Hospital for a psychiatric exam, Fortune said.

Fortune said he subsequently spoke to the shelter contractor, the Acacia Network, and they were not aware of these incidents or arrests.

He added that the Precinct has received complaints from neighboring business owners, primarily bodega owners, who say residents from the shelter harass them.


Anonymous said...

Feigning a psychiatric condition gets one more money from the government. Tax payers foot the bill of course.

JQ LLC said...

That was once supposed to be a high-end hotel right? Because of all this tourist interest in lonely planet queens.

It's going to come down to developing hospitals or asylunms, because there a lot of crazies mixing in the with the homeless population. Or the hiring of more cops in the DHS, which is sorely lacking.

This shit is costing a lot of fucking money. And the city is letting it exacerbate at the expense of the poor who work check to check and those deployed by the NYPD.

The sick thing is that this is not going to stop wanton real estate speculation and hyper-development. There are a lot of random assaults happening just walking in the street and using mass transit that are being treated by Bratton as minor aberrations, which he actually said they were. And even the DIC (development industrial complex) is treating crane collapses and site accidents, even if it results in death, as the process of demand increase and doing business. And Mayor Big Slow is not even hiding his true motives and his ongoing ruse for his concern for the disadvantaged and disenfranchised and the affordable housing scheme.

I guess once these are finished and they are either occupied with mindless tenants or filthy billionaire lucre storage, no one will notice the blight, decay, and anarchy below.

So get used to it

Anonymous said...

Dutch Kills was once a down at the heels community with people that had a golden heart, and trusted their leadership to undo the damage of city policies that started when the bridge was rammed through a century ago.

But this latest sorry chapter is a direct result of the political leadership (starting with the Vallones who are still in charge many believe) and that community board (which was one of the few in the city that voted in favor of rezoning at the same time as lauding Jerry Caliendo, the controversial architect). The infamous 'upzone upzone' mantra of Dutch Kills civic leader George Stamatiades has come to roost.

Right across the river from the UN, we have a community of American citizens, voters, taxpayers, veterans being displaced for development.

They are invisible. They are betrayed. They are a cautionary tale for everyone.

You don't see their pictures in local museums or their stories on local stages. No, the hipster angst is over dog runs and cute kitty-kats and keeping that great Thai noodle place open. So much for the agenda of the newbies who were touted to 'revitalize communities.'

Queens is one sick place.

Anonymous said...

Come to Queens, the land of filth, corruption, diversity and poverty. Stay at one of our brand new hotels and share space with criminals and dirty homeless people. It's an experience one can only have in Queens and one that you'll never forget. Bring your friends !

Anonymous said...

"I guess once these are finished and they are either occupied with mindless tenants or filthy billionaire lucre storage"... As long as there is $ to be made they will never be finished.

Anonymous said...

"taken to Cornell Hospital’s psychiatric center for evaluation"

Same shit, then some shrink says "he or she's a nice person when taking the medication" and the nuts are right back on the street selling or refusing to take those med's.
The nutter's bill of rights needs to be revoked or more people are gonna be shoved under trains. If you nuts and dont take your meds = GO TO JAIL !!

(sarc) said...

Just an isolated incident.

Nothing to see here...

Anonymous said...

Queens is not filthy. A bit overcrowded in some areas but not filthy !! The Bronx takes that title. Recently two more hotels opened in that area adding to thenumber of beds that will be used for sheltering the homeless in the near future.

Anonymous said...

I must be psychic.
Assailant was a black woman with a criminal history.
Although I would want to see a video of that IV pole assault.
Cops may have gotten annoyed to be called to the hotel as the premises personal security force.
Why aren't there security guards in homeless shelters?

Anonymous said...

The verve has security guards and a metal detector.

Now just imagine if it did not.

Anonymous said...

Two Shaniquas going Jerry Springer on one another? I'm sure they'll calm down when their checks come in, and they hit their pipes.

Anonymous said...

Your safety is imperiled and your neighborhood values go down.
You do not see any homeless shelters in Duh Blasio's Park Slope nabe!
"NIMBY!", cries Der mayor Wilhelm!

Anonymous said...

Remember how they claimed how there was no correlation between crime and homeless shelters?

Anonymous said...

So what are a couple of slashings or three?
Sleep tight in your nice cozy shelter bed.
And don't let the bedbugs bite.

Anonymous said...

What happens? Your area turns to shit!