Monday, February 22, 2016

Unions want living wage included in citywide upzoning

From City & State:

A construction union trade group that wants the de Blasio administration to include new hiring and training requirements as part of its rezoning efforts is doubling down on its argument.

The Greater New York Laborers-Employers Cooperation and Education Trust released a memo this week from attorney Albert Butzel arguing that there is legal precedent in New York and other states for zoning that aims to provide jobs to local residents or includes living wage provisions.

The latest move comes after New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration dismissed construction unions’ calls for the inclusion of training and hiring provisions in the city’s rezoning proposals, saying that the job standards are beyond the legal scope of the zoning code.


JQ LLC said...

De Faustio just approved 5 figure raises for people that didn't have training for their positions or real jobs before they were elected over the weekend (they apparently didn't have any scruples before since said raises are supposed to curb their temptations for taking bribes and dishing out favors). So his hypocrisy is expected when it comes to the qualifications of construction hirings and practices. And his hubris is getting PROGRESSively worse when it comes to fulfilling his scheme and keeping his benefactors and donors happy.

Always look up around new developments people, you never know when some siding, glass, or a fucking 50 story crane is going to drop.

Anonymous said...

Bill de Blasio’s administration dismissed construction unions’ calls for the inclusion of training and hiring provisions in the city’s rezoning proposals, saying that the job standards are beyond the legal scope of the zoning code

i.e., he's able to put 2 and 2 together, knowing full well that this poor housing can't get built on "living wages", let alone union wages.

Anonymous said...

Construction unions..REBNY's goon squad...mob tied.
Der Mayor wants their support. Every political candidate needs it.
Between the teachers's unionand the construction workers unions, NYC
will be screwed. Higher density coming your way.
Labor unions have gone to far. THEY are who is strangling America.

Anonymous said...

De Faustio just approved 5 figure raises

The Council had a veto-proof majority. There's nothing that could be done even if it were a mayor you liked.

Anonymous said...

In many areas, developers use illegals for construction. Just watch many of them line up mornings at the corner of Parsons and Northern. They are much cheaper to hire.

(sarc) said...

Why do we not mandate a one hundred dollar per hour minimum wage for everyone in New York by tyrannical executive fiat?

It would be good for everyone!


Anonymous said...

I hear living in shipping containers is the future of affordable housing in NY.

Anonymous said...

Again, no one can get far without city council.

I think Crappy should start to post council votes on these issues.

Anonymous said...

Aren't union members already paid something like 50 an hour?

Anonymous said...

It’s intuitive that automation will take low-wage jobs. But the White House, in its annual economic report of the president , has broken down just how much that is so. There’s an 83% chance that automation will take a job with an hourly wage below $20

Big Hairy Balls said...

Oh here we go again with some ignorant fool blaming the teacher's union for all the problems NYC currently faces. I am a retired NYC teacher (math) and a VN vet. I retired with a very good pension including decent benefits. I left NYC right after I retired never to look back. If you believe that test scores are better in non union states well guess again. I have to listen to every idiot out there complain about teachers. Well here's a newsflash for you. Clark county, NV (Las Vegas) can not fill their teacher vacancies, know why? The salaries are so low compared to other jurisdictions that theses jobs go unfilled. Maybe we need to have parents who do the right thing and raise their children instead of pawning them off on teachers. My job was to teach and I did. If you think any teachers will stick around if you lower salaries then you truly don't know how thing work in the real world. Control immigration, control "benefits" and start by reading to your children. I did that and I raised 4 productive adults who attended NYC schools.

Anonymous said...

Good teachers were left to swing in the wind many, many years ago.
You got a miscreant in your class disturbing everyone, the admin. told you to deal with it within the four walls of your classroom.
No wonder teachers drink their asses off.

(sarc) said...

Yes - Big Hairy Balls;

There are good teachers, there are VERY good teachers, BUT THEN, there are bad teachers, there are lousy teachers, there are horrible teachers, there are broken burned out teachers, and then there are sexually predatory teachers still getting paid.

All of these educators that are tenured, are being paid a very good salary, regardless of their performance.

I believe you when you state that you did your job and performed the task well. It is my opinion that you are the exception.

Many educators do NOT give it their all, and there is NO recourse due to the union protections.

I am sure that your drive, determination, and hard work was shaped by your service to our Country, and I thank you for that.

BUT, my point here is that there is no individual accountability for tenured teachers in a union.

Anonymous said...

education will be automated soon
look how the kids are sucked into there devices
they'll all get an ipad with some teaching software
you can herd a whole bunch more in a room and all you need is a few babysitters
if some get out of line medicate them

Anonymous said...

There are machines that can lay brick pavers, pour concrete, and build prefect masonry walls.

They arent that cheap yet, but keep pushing up the cost of labor, and see how many robots show up on the jobsite in the coming years.

Anonymous said...

Requiring Union labor will result in the very opposite of affordable housing.

Anonymous said...

Open season on geese, pig-eons and politicians as food for homeless