Sunday, February 21, 2016

Foreclosure floods elderly woman's home

From WPIX:

In front of her home on Poplar Street, the gutter had a deep and wide sheet of ice. It extends to the house next door, which has sat empty since 2014, according to Lama's family and their neighbors.

Cascading down the far wall of the house next door are 15-foot long, 3-inch thick icicles. All of the ice on a cold Friday gives a strong indication of what went wrong here.

"Water from the bathroom pipe broke," said Joseph Lama, 72, Fanny Lama's son. "It leaked down into the basement."

He then showed PIX11 News what the result of possibly five days of water leakage looks like. He opened up the cellar door of the foreclosed home next door to show that the crawl space underneath was filed with close to three feet of water.


Anonymous said...

Now if she was a developer the entire delegation 'serving' the community, from city council to Albany, would be touting the next project of their campaign donors.

It is clear, they have no time for this woman.

JQ LLC said...

Some aesthetic issues abound there in addition to obvious crass treatment of a senior citizen homeowner, which this city views along with the middle class and working poor people as expendable.

What looks like a frozen rat, another shitty half-ass asphalt cover up, and a zombie house being kept in limbo by scumbag banks.

This is how this city, still two cities, functions. Just let it rot and people will eventually cave or die and the spoils will be free to plunder.

How can our newly 32% richer electeds sleep at night and live with themselves if they deign to acknowledge this story or even the blights of the mold and crime infested projects residents.

Anonymous said...

Who does she see to get compensation? The former occupant? The foreclosure bank?

What a shame. It will be a huge runaround.

The people doing the foreclosure should have turned off the power/gas/water if they weren't going to monitor it.

Fat chance.

Anonymous said...

What sorts of idiots foreclose on a house, shut off the gas and heat, but leave the water on?