Wednesday, February 10, 2016

City Council threatens to kill zoning plan

From DNA Info:

Mayor Bill de Blasio must revamp his controversial rezoning plan to target lower income New Yorkers or risk the City Council killing it, Council members said at a public hearing Tuesday.

The hearing on Mandatory Inclusionary Housing, a key piece of the mayor's plan to rezone neighborhoods across the city, was the first time the Council had weighed in publicly on the rezoning plan.

But it has come under fire by activists and some city officials who say the income levels are too high for the very low-income communities who most need affordable housing.

"It's going to be very hard for this Council to support MIH without options for our communities," said Queens Councilman Donovan Richards, who chairs the zoning subcommittee.


(sarc) said...

The council is negotiating for better and more campaign contributions...

Anonymous said...

Notice they are not attacking the program per se, only how it will potentially change the demographics ... that elected them.

The fact of the matter is that with a few exceptions as rouge Community Board 1 in Queens, everyone in the city is AGAINST THE FREAKIN' PLAN.

Interesting how city council can nonchalantly ignore that.

Anonymous said...

CB1, the community board from hell.
What do you expect?

Anonymous said...

Mandatory Inclusionary Housing- bringing the dangerous ghetto to your block.

Anonymous said...

So they're not going to kill this plan because we don't have the transportation, power, water, or sewer infrastructure, they're going to kill it because there is not enough affordable housing? It's just hopeless for this city.

Anonymous said...

Bringing that "dangerous ghetto to your block" is better known as BLOCKBUSTING!
Let's bring back "the projects"! It destroyed The Bronx along with the Moses Cross Bronx Expressway.

Maybe the overly quiet middle class of Queens should hire the Reverend Al Sharpton to stir things up for them.
Hire the big mouthed mouthpiece. He sold out his own race as an FBI informant.
He will do anything for money, even keep his mistress in an expensive Ditmas Park historic district house.
Yeah...Al could be your best pal.

Anonymous said...

Here is the way it goes.

Ghettoize your nabe with mandatory inclusionary housing.
Middle class residents move out.
With no middle class opposition, area gets up zoned.
The developers now have an open season on a formerly low density nabe.

Get the picture, now?

REBNY WINS THE DAY......with the help of their politician footmen.

Van Helsing said...

The Vallone's NEVER have to negotiate for campaign contributions.
REBNY is the bulk of their family business.
Oh, business partners do have their spats occasionally,
but the money keeps on flowing!
This political mafia ruined Astoria. They will feed off of YOUR neighborhoods,
and smile as they do it!
Bury these vampires with a stake through their hearts by voting them ALL out!
All Vallone Vampires must go!

Anonymous said...

Donovan Richards=Criminal