Saturday, February 6, 2016

City Council votes for huge pay raise

From AM-NY:

Members of the New York City Council on Friday voted themselves a $36,000 raise — $10,000 higher than an advisory salary panel — to $148,500.

By a vote of 40-7, the council got their first raise since 2006, when the salary went up to $112,500.

“Every dollar is a worthy investment in a government that works full time for the people,” said Councilman Ben Kallos (D-Manhattan), who was one of the legislation’s lead shepherds.

Backers noted that the legislation also prohibits most outside income, eliminates stipends for leadership posts and converts the job of council member to full time from part time.

Council members said they deserved the additional $10,000 because of the outside-income ban, which passed 45-2.


Anonymous said...

"Council members said they deserved the additional $10,000 because of the outside-income ban, which passed 45-2."

Prove to me that you made $10,000.00 through HONEST work

Joe Moretti said...

So folks, the asshole crew at City Council all voted yes to a bloated pay raise, which we tax payers shell out, for doing pretty much nothing, including Jamaica’s three council members who all voted yes to this hike. So do you think I. Daneek Miller deserves to make $148,500 after being in office for a little over a year, do you really think that do nothing and major crook, Ruben Wills (who may be heading to jail) deserves to make $148,500. Wait to you see what some of the other public officials will be making.

Do you think that wasted position of Public Advocate, which is occupied by do nothing Letitia James should be making $184,800.

FUCK NO, but yet they all will be.

Do you think job performance will be enhanced, FUCK NO. Do you think many will stop getting involved in corrupt schemes, FUCK NO. Do you think they will work harder for the public good and their communities, FUCK NO.

When was the last time any of you folks out there got a big raise (especially for doing very little or stealing). Do you think NYPD officers who put their life on the line everyday deserved a 1% increase, while these clowns who pretty much do shit, get a massive increase.

Again, FUCK NO.

Anonymous said...

less work, more pay.....that's the government way

Anonymous said...

Al Centola of civic
Please run for city council.

Anonymous said...

“Every dollar is a worthy investment in a government that works full time for the people,” said Councilman Ben Kallos (D-Manhattan)"

One cannot make this blatant lie up even if wanted to.
This fucker needs to be voted out ASAP.

Anonymous said...

Dizzy Lizzy voted against it
I guess she misunderstood the question
she still wins with a $148,000/yr

Anonymous said...

Who voted against it?

Anonymous said...

these same pols. voted for a DAY FOR TRAITOR ATOM BOMB SPY "ETHEL ROSENBERG" who was executed with her spy husband JULIUS. Are we surrounded with "QUISLINGS" ?(NORWEGIAN TRAITOR)WWll

Anonymous said...

the new speed camera scam of 25MPH,forcing motorists to drive 20MPH will more than pay for their raise.ABOLISH SPEED cameras now .call tour councilman. this is TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION, Patriots fought a revolution vs .the King of England in 1776. Francis Lewis ,our signor of the Declaration of Independence(WHITESTONE,NY)is covered with cameras on his BLVD. He is rolling over @this moment that the citizens have become so docile.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

And we all know damn well that some sneak in the City Council will work out a piece of legislation that will in fact allow CMs to keep their other jobs and income after all.

Anonymous said...

Stinky also voted against the raise, because he would rather have kept his outside income.

Anonymous said...

took 15 minutes to google and find a news story with the culprits
all the republicans voted against it
imagine that

OBTW all the "NO" voters are eligible to run for their seat again

district member party vote

28 Ruben Wills Democrat Absent
39 Brad Lander Democrat Absent
49 Deborah Rose Democrat Absent
19 Paul Vallone Democrat No
30 Elizabeth Crowley Democrat No
32 Eric Ulrich Republican No
46 Alan Maisel Democrat No
48 Chaim Deutsch Democrat No
50 Steven Matteo Republican No
51 Joseph Borelli Republican No

Anonymous said...

@this moment that the citizens have become so docile.


Anonymous said...

A lot of anger, but prediction: by next year, all will be forgotten, and everyone of them who is not term limited (almost all of them) will be re-elected.

Anonymous said...

"Dizzy Lizzy voted against it"

Minimum wage is overpayment for what this twit does.

Jerry Rotondi, extremely dissatisfied voter said...

Vote Vallone out!
I shall!

Douglaston Hills pissed off resident said...

Can I vote myself a cost of living raise on my social security benefits...let's say about 15%?
C'mon you seniors...and there are plenty of them in Paul Vallone's the lazy entitled SOB out!

Anonymous said...

So, we got fucked up the ass by the crooks in the city council again.
So what else is new?

Anonymous said...

Most NYC voters are sheepeople !

Anonymously Grey Gardens said...

Joe Moretti---this is what government tyranny and anarchy look like---and, the public be damned!

Alas, we are no longer a democracy practicing Republic, as this 300% fake administration is a working example of extreme, Neo-Feudalism, Neo-Fascism and Neo-Bolshevism (that so completely betrays public trust and integrity), and the only effective challenge to their systemic, insider corruption, greed and graft is to publicly protest, rally and resist (en mass), or seek court review and a law suit in order to file an injunction to stop the publicly unauthorized hemorrhaging of our taxpayer dollars, which are now in the hands of phantom, public-servant criminals of profligate, wanton waste and mismanagement, as this debacle is the most egregious and flagrant abuse of power that was never in anyone's purview in City Hall to exploit in the first place!

More than two weeks ago, I sent an E-mail to our impostor-Liberal-progressive Mayor Bill, and not a single reply back. Worse, one of his intensely incompetent, handpicked employees named Jared Andrews, answered my telephone call by insisting that the city council position is not a part-time job (and, he was ADAMANT about it)! Still no reply, though, as these dumber-than-dirt, de Blasio stooges have now completely taken over the asylum---over whom We The People are now held hostage! This is not any pretense of democracy---it's full blown government tyranny---and, the public be eternally damned!

Worse, the current, insidious, public-be-damned actions (again and still!), of Melissa Mark-Viverito, are a tired retread of former Council Speaker, Christine Quinn's own dereliction of public duty, when in 2009, she likewise approved a hefty, across the board, city council pay raise, despite fervent objections by the attending citizens of a public hearing, less than 48 hours earlier, of whom I was one.

Not only do actions like this clearly illustrate how there are now depraved, pathological sociopaths in residence at City Hall (and an even more corrupt-and-dysfunctional Albany asylum, that yielded a complete, statewide takeover), but their actions are the fastest way for all citizen enforced vigilantism and anarchy to prevail (currently in mid-level progress), as they devalue all democracy, freedom and honesty themselves, to flag and country---to pathological, treasonous and traitorous effect!

What's left is social collapse, anarchy and depravity that they themselves created (and foisted upon), the powerless base of abused taxpayers' whose threshold for abuse has now reached the tipping point for more vigilantism and societal chaos and dysfunction to infect our city and state, in the absence of all social contract and justice!

Finally, the totally corrupt City Hall and Albany henchmen (of epic, civic-and-humanitarian fail), now make actual hell look like heaven---and, getting worse by the hour!

Anonymously Grey Gardens said...

Where is our purportedly, progressive, Liberal 'Tale of Two Cities' mayor to weigh in here, and exert his official powers to instantly 'veto' the dishonest and unethical actions of Melissa Mark-Viverito, that are depriving all city residents of the power (and right), of all taxpayer democracy to prevail?

This is the most egregious (and hyper-aggressive) example of 'taxation without representation,' and if this intensely incompetent, fraudulent mayor doesn't veto this debacle immediately, then brace yourselves, fellow city residents, for more of the same grid of systemic, city government anarchy and corruption to prevail---because, without the rage of all citywide, taxpaying residents to challenge the council's extreme betrayals of public trust and integrity---there can be no change (only more egregious, unconscionable, brazen hubris and Chutzpah to prevail)!

So, remember when the Daily News protested against the hiring of de Blasio's crony pal (and the 'Reverend' Al Sharpton's former employee), Rachel Noerdlinger? They kept jackhammering away, as letters of protest flooded the News'own 'Voice of the People' page---and, then she was gone, in short order (but not for long: They ALWAYS recycle all political trash---to greater privilege and unearned reward for themselves---and deeper harm and cost to everyone else)!

Now, if only we could demand a refund for the two, glorified secretaries whom Monarch Number 2, Bill, approved for his wife, Chirlane (former Mayor Michael Bloomberg was the first, publicly unauthorized, New York failed monarch), that replaced (or, more accurately), baited and switched Rachel Noerdlinger's single pay compensation with now TWO---YOU HEARD CORRECTLY---TWO crony clerks, at double the cost, and totaling more than $350,000 of money that is paying for vacuous, nonessential employment, whose publicly unauthorized service is offered to a First Lady who was never elected to any public office position in the first place! Another glaring, 'Red Flag' example of extreme taxation without representation, that continues to decay and erode society, with an arrogance and vengeance that is unprecedented!

Alas, when is the power going to be returned to We The People, then, as these voracious, public service-robbing thieves keep ignoring the rules of society for themselves---while, ironically enforcing more draconian conditions and insane rules (not laws), for everyone else---and the public be eternally duped, bilked, scammed and damned?!

Anonymous said...

The New Mobsters,who needs a union when you control an Angry Electorate dependent itself on tax revenue?
Elect Me because when I get Mine you get yours !!
The Anger and Hatred directed at white american taxpayers will soon enter the Violent phase,
2016 presidential race will que the Occupy Wall Street crowed,BLM and the 99 percent and Anarchist to Rise Up and attack the so called 1 percent witch is all Bull Shit,the Middle Class taxpayer is the Real Target,always has been,
If not why do they shut down Trains,planes and streets you use to get to work ?

Anonymous said...

Where is our purportedly, progressive, Liberal 'Tale of Two Cities' mayor

He is toeing the party line in IOWA. For Hillary who BTW should be in jail by now.
Need to say more?

Anonymous said...

This raise is outrageous.

Those who voted against the raise are shrewd. They know that there are more than enough votes to pass the pay raise. So, voting against it will make them look good to their constituents, while at the same time doing absolutely nothing to prevent the pay raise from taking effect. How hard did they lobby against the pay raise? I'm sure their efforts in this regard were strenuous.

What a disgrace!

Anonymously Grey Gardens said...

The Daily News, in Saturday's February 6, 2016 editorial called for Bill de Blasio to veto the raises, and I would further add that only public referendum is appropriate to determine any pay bumps for any and all publicly elected officials, otherwise it's willful government tyranny to cede power and control to the very purported representation whose public salaries our tax dollars pay!

But, short of rampant activism, protest, rally and resistance, I wouldn't hold my breath with THIS counterfeit intellectual, and faux, progressive, 'Tale Of Two Cities' impostor of epic, humanitarian fail---he still hasn't rescinded the unjustified salaries of First Lady Chirlane McCray's two glorified secretaries that are at her taxpayer-funded disposal, when she is NOT AN ELECTED REPRESENTATIVE!

And, if these two examples are any pretense of modern day democracy in action---then, brace yourselves, Queens Crappers, for more draconian experiments in total corruption, abuse and systemic failure (currently in mid-level progress), and the public be duped, bilked, scammed and damned (again, still and in perpetuity)!

Anonymously Grey Gardens said...

No wonder all illegal, organized crime family chapters are on the decline, when so many entrenched, systemic, government chapters of all 'LEGALLY ORGANIZED CRIME' have taken their place, for which these ancient, generational, firmly established crime rings couldn't possibly compete against, anyway!

And, when government, insider loyalists and sycophants endeavor to ignore their constituents' rightful demands (with impunity) for lawful order and honest, ethical leadership (that leads by example) to prevail, then vigilantism and lawlessness work their way through the channels of all taxation without representation---to insidious and ruinous effect (currently in mid-level progress).

No one wins when corruption from within is rampant and unregulated---but, everyone STILL pays a soul crushing price!

Anonymously Grey Gardens said...

You guessed it, fellow Queens Crappers: Corrupt, slimy and dishonest Bill de Blasio just reinforced how City Hall is now openly practicing all government tyranny (again and still), to pathological, treasonous effect!

In a move that critics say appears to be an attempt at downplaying the rightly controversial move of a publicly unauthorized, 32% Council pay raise, our monstrously failed, 'Tale Of Two Cities' mayor just tucked a last-minute notice into the City Record on Friday, February 12, 2016, announcing that this criminal sociopath would sign a bill that guarantees the raises---and, the free will of the taxpaying public be damned!

Worse, the pay raise notice came at the start of a three-day weekend---a time when do nothing pols typically bury unfavorable (and, in THIS case, publicly unauthorized) news, and was added SO LATE, that it didn't make the newsletter's "public hearings" section at the very end of the paper.

"It appears they don't want to draw too much public attention to the issue," said Dick Dadey of the government watchdog group, Citizens United (another corrupt and useless enterprise of epic, humanitarian fail)!

So, what good is any and all public democracy, freedom---and the Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms, rights and liberty that SO ORDER any pretense of democracy, when a corrupt, openly practicing, treasonous traitor like Bill de Blasio can reign supreme against the interests of American justice that now devalues all honesty itself?

Veto these pay raises, Bill---you're actions are a disgrace that completely betrays all public, taxpayer authority, as you reinforce just how entrenched in corruption that never ends in your handpicked administration that is worse than nuclear proliferation itself!

And, where is the Daily New, Post and New York Times to keep jackhammering away at this issue, until public integrity and compliance is demanded??? Honest, ethical, journalism??? Where??? When??? How???