Saturday, February 20, 2016

National Trust holds pavilion contest

From DNA Info:

If you have an idea for the historic New York State Pavilion, here's your chance to share it.

The National Trust for Historic Preservation is hosting an "anything goes" competition to solicit suggestions for the Flushing Meadows-Corona Park landmark — no matter how far-flung they may seem.

Then they'll pick a winner and...nothing will happen.


Anonymous said...

Unless the structure is enclosed, it is useless. What a waste of time and money!

Jerry Rotondi said...

Many won't like this idea...
but how about turning it into an arena where covicted crooked politicians can compete with each other in gladiatorial combat?
Now there is a tourist attraction that would draw crowds as far as Connecticut.
Of course, I realize, that might bankrupt Theater In The Park. A super competing venue always does.
Maybe Donald Trump can be persuaded to restore the crumbling terrazzo-mosaic map.
Let's go for a partnership here....Donald Trump, Mayor Bill, a and all of the assorted local shady politicians.
Waddaya think Beep Katz? I'm going to get reamed for my post.

Anonymous said...

How come borough president Katz didn't come forward first and host this kind of contest.
Maybe it's because it does not involve development and real estate kick back money for her campaign coffers.
She did go for the paint job on the towers. It got her press coverage and fooled a lot of people into thinking that she really cares about historic preservation in Queens. Do not be saps. She DOES NOT, Developers' whore Katz is only going through the motions!

JQ LLC said...

Dynamite, rubble, removal.

Plant some grass for picnics or recreational sports and activities

Maybe a velodrome like the one in Kissena (which sucks by the way.It's got tar bumps and it's blazing hot in the summer)

Despite mine or other suggestions, it will (yawn) just get another coat of paint and light show so katz will get another enlarged photo for her den to admire or ponderously pose in front of it.

ron s said...

It will start out like the High Line contest--fanciful ideas of roller coasters, a parachute jump, a 10 story waterfall etc. Then, unlike the Highline, it will rot and get torn down (for "public safety")

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see the neglected Pavilion used for Roman Gladiator-style death matches between useless City Council Members and corrupt State Assembly members/Senators. The Mayor and the Governor could preside over these exciting fights to the death just like the Roman Emperors did. They could even round up the raccoons and rats that plague the neighborhood and have them fight the useless and corrupt elected officials.

JQ LLC said...

@ Jerry and last anon

Just wrap the pavilion around with serrated steel, thunderdome style. You wouldn't need to charge anything because we can give a contract to one of those hipshit event promoters. And everyone will watch the carnage chowing down on artisanal food and cocktails and skunky craft beers whilst our overpaid electeds beat themselves to bloody pulps.

Call it World's Borough Wrestling (WBW). With color commentary from Joe Moretti and (Sarc). But first we have to get clearance from Mario's son and the assholes upstate to ratify MMA.

(sarc) said...

Perhaps "affordable" housing???

Jerry Rotondi said...

How about mixed martial arts, JQ LLC ?
That would beat out those weary dragon boat races events.

Anonymous said...

Rock and roll event space. Keep that shit off of Randalls Island.

Anonymous said...

>but how about turning it into an arena where covicted crooked politicians can compete with each other in gladiatorial combat?


>Dynamite, rubble, removal.


Anonymous said...

Notional Bust Thrusts a Gazillion

Anonymous said...

Convert it to section eight housing for Corona Elmhurst's needy. The park is a public urinal already.
"Cerveza, amigo?"