Sunday, February 7, 2016

Worker's life in jeopardy after concrete falls on him

From PIX11:

A construction worker is critically injured after being hit with falling concrete in Manhattan Saturday afternoon.

A captain for the FDNY said around 3 p.m., the worker was on the 20th floor at 317 Madison Avenue when he was hit in the head by falling concrete. The building was scheduled for demolition.

The worker was lowered down own out of the building in a shaft and taken to the hospital in critical condition.


Anonymous said...

So another human being gets beaned on a construction site.
Just a minor cost of doing business. And if he is undocumented, he cannot even vote.
So, WTF should any pol care about his life?

JQ LLC said...

With the rash of development ineptitude and accidents happening, I have been humming the toreador song from Carmen as I am reading these stories.