Sunday, February 7, 2016

Pan Am homeless shelter gets permanent contract - until next year

From DNA Info:

The city approved a permanent contract for the controversial Pan Am shelter on the provider’s fourth try, according to the comptroller’s office.

The $23.8 million contract will allow Samaritan Village to operate the more than 200-room family shelter through June 2017, provided they complete specific construction projects to clear up violations and make improvements, officials said.

Comptroller Scott Stringer had denied the shelter’s three other applications, citing concerns about the safety of the former hotel at 7900 Queens Blvd.

Officials with the comptroller’s office said Samaritan Village had either cleared or presented a plan to clear open violations and other building issues.

Samaritan Village also plans to convert the shelter into a Tier 2 facility, officials said. They would have to present a construction plan for kitchens and an outdoor playground by June 20, 2016, in order to receive all of the contract money.


Anonymous said...

The NYC 'friends and family' program comes through once again

JQ LLC said...

Replace ma bailey with DeBlasio

This ain't livin', this ain't livin'
No, no baby, this ain't livin'
No, no, no

Marvin Gaye

LibertyBoyNYC said...

Are "tier 2" actually "projects"?

Anonymous said...

The ghetto-ization of Queens continues!

(sarc) said...

I guess they are expecting more Syrians...

JQ LLC said...

No sarc. Maybe more victims of the cities unconstitutional exploitation of nuisance abatement laws

This may be the shittiest week in NYC of the decade.
Mayor Big Slow must be impeached and Bratton fired and investigated.

Anonymous said...

Naw, just home-grown sorry-ass irresponsible emigrating to NYC for our hand-outs. I for one am soooo tired of seeing residents stopping by the bodegas for the ham 'n egg sandwich, cigarettes and play scratch-offs while I hustle from my $1400 a month apartment two blocks from the shelter--to one of my two jobs!

Anonymous said...

That whole neighborhood is now fucked. Property prices are going way down. Thanks DB!!

Anonymous said...

The ghetto-ization of Queens continues!
You have no one to blame but yourselves - get out more - make a friend in Manhattan and go to one of their community events, and tell your friends back in Queens about the real world.

We are so isolated here we accept anything that is told to us. Funny how the ghetto is leaving Brooklyn, Manhattan, even the Bronx.

Its like Queens is stuck permanently in 1975.

Anonymous said...

```JQ LLC said...
```No sarc. Maybe more victims of the cities unconstitutional exploitation of nuisance abatement laws

This horrifying ProPublica report shows that the NYPD has a hand in making people unnecessarily homeless, sometimes entire families at a time, by locking them out of their apartments.

de Blasio really is the cause of the spike in homelessness, and yet somehow he keeps blaming Bloomberg?

When will the media lay political responsibility on de Blasio's doorstep? If the media doesn't make this political connection, then how will voters figure this out in 2017?

How many of these controversial hotel shelters would not be required in Queens, if de Blasio and Bratton just left people in their own apartments?

If families are paying the rent, then leave them where they are at.

Anonymous said...

Tier II shelters and living arrangements are usually for adults with mental issues trying to be reintegrated into society. it's what PSCH does.

Anonymous said...


I hear you
i've been complaining about the militarization of law enforcment for years
NO KNOCK warrants in the middle of the nite for no good reason
burning babies with flash bangs, over minor drug bust, WTF?
Cops allover are padding their budgets with hundreds of millions, seizing property from American citizens, even without being charged with a crime.
The NSA, excess surveillance, data mining, data collection & storage
All there just waiting to be used against WE THE PEOPLE
where and when does it end?

it goes right back to the war on drugs
read the bits below & try to the whole article
maybe you'll agree:

In 2014, more people died from drug overdoses than any year in U.S. history: 47,055. That's more than die in car accidents -- and it's not even close.

Mexico manufactures the majority of heroin in the U.S. and import "nearly all" of it, according to a 2014 Washington Post report.

"El Chapo" Guzman, the head of Mexico's largest drug cartel, is all over the news boasting, "I supply more heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine and marijuana than anybody else in the world" (The New York Times, Jan. 10, 2016)

As a result, in the last decade, half a million Americans have died from drug overdoses, mostly heroin and other opiates. That's ten times more than the number of Americans who died fighting the entire Vietnam War.

pandering politicians give fiery speeches about drug addiction being a "disease." However that may be, drug addiction is the only disease that you absolutely can't catch if you never take drugs. (I also don't see anyone getting rich by giving people the measles or pneumonia.)

Carly Fiorina talks about how she "buried a child to drug addiction," on her way to saying "the war on drugs has failed." Her main objective is to ensure that "families that are suffering through this know that they should not feel ashamed or stigmatized." How about not making them suffer through the hell of a drug-addicted child in the first place by keeping drugs out of the country?

Marco Rubio thinks we need more government programs to "teach students skills to avoid gangs, violence and drugs."

Chris Christie gives passionate speeches about drug addiction being a "disease" that "can happen to anyone," before demanding that we "start treating people in this country, not jailing them."

Why is the only choice: a) Blame the addict or b) Don't blame the addict? How about option c) Blame the drug dealers? Oh I remember! We can't blame the drug dealers because diversity is a strength!

Hillary proposes that the federal government spend more money -- a billion dollars a year -- to fight drug addiction. Unless that billion is spent on building a wall, her policy prescription is nothing but a government-worker full-employment plan.

Bernie Sanders gets chesty about "the pharmaceutical industry and the drug companies who are producing all of these drugs and not looking at the consequence of it."

If only we could see a little of that righteous anger directed toward the overwhelming source of illegal drugs in the U.S.: Mexico.

It's true that overdose by prescription drugs is the leading cause of overdose deaths, but that's a trick: The CDC classifies all opioid pain reliever deaths as "prescription" opioid overdoses -- whether or not an actual doctor or "prescription" was involved. Guess who's moved into the "prescription" drug business in a big way? That would be Mexico.

But instead of blaming grimy, soulless criminals like El Chapo, who brags about his "fleet of submarines, airplanes, trucks and boats" -- bought with drug money -- let's blame American pharmaceutical companies doing God's work by trying to ease the pain of dying cancer patients.

(sarc) said...


Can I use these laws to remove one of my deadbeat tenants?

It would be a wonderful tool for landlords here in the city.

I Have spent quite the sum of money in legal fees with no results...

Anonymous said...

Anon #12: I completely agree when you talk about the over-militarization of the police, not to mention the NSA spying on us all, but Ann Coulter hardly has the right solutions.

Anonymous said...


This is absurd! Landlords need to spend years and years in court to get rid of deadbeat tenants, but the NYPD can kick people out of properties they own due to secret testimony in a secret court? How is that remotely Constitutional?

JQ LLC said...

How is that remotely Constitutional?

it fucking isn't

And has shown with the decade long tactic of stop and frisk, the top echelons of the NYPD and certain useful idiots on the streets don't give a shit about the constitution or the extravagant costs to the city coffers in the aftermath as long as they got people in cuffs. And in a cynical way, it's easier to fight crime when you can create them than doing actual investigative work or stopping an offense as it's taking place.

As for the issue about Pan Am, supposedly the "tenants" will be getting more amenities so the place will be "habitable". So developers don't have to worry and continue fouling the boroughs, building more glass obelisks and monoliths for the world's obscene and obese billionaires.