Saturday, February 6, 2016

There have many crane collapses in recent years

From PIX11:

New York City Comptroller Scott Springer has released two reports since 2014, and he said only eight of 65 safety recommendations have been fully implemented by the Department of Buildings since 2008. And Stringer listed a number of “high profile” collapses or accidents that have happened, involving cranes, in the past 10 years.


Anonymous said...

Which will you see more of:

Crane accidents or Politicians who rip off the system?

Where is that survey Stringer!

JQ LLC said...

like I said the other day

This was fucking inevitable. Keep your heads up cause it's going to happen again, too much hyperdevelopment going on at once. In addition to Tribeca there are like 10 cranes constructing on the hudson by the end of the fucking high line and 5 by downtown goddamn brooklyn.

And nothing will be done despite a guy getting splattered on the street. For all this high end luxury is the bane and lifeblood of the city's economy. I don't think a terrorist attack will even stop this addiction to enhance the skyline, property values and obscene wealth investment.

It sure didn't after 9/11/2001

Anonymous said...

A lot of construction "accidents" too.
But...what the hell...they are probably undocumented minorities ,
who no politician need worry about because they cannot vote.

LOL! said...

"Falling Cranes Business As Usual Weekly"......
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