Thursday, February 18, 2016

Fraudulent company head going to the pokey

From Crains:

The head of a consulting company that faked safety inspections on dozens of construction sites in the city will spend up to three years in state prison, Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. announced Tuesday.

Richard Marini, 62, ran a company called Avanti Building Consultants, which was supposedly staffed with licensed safety managers who could inspect building sites. But not only were Marini's inspectors unlicensed, according to Vance, they also had no experience in construction safety at all, in most cases.

Marini scoured Craigslist and paid bellhops, musicians and short-order cooks to simply sign off on safety logs in their own names, or forge the names of licensed safety inspectors—one of whom was dead. Avanti Building Consultants inspected about 40 sites.


Anonymous said...

With all the corruption and cutting corners that takes place in this city when it comes to construction im still surprised that there aren't a million accidents or building collapses each year.

Anonymous said...

Just wait. It's going to start happening soon...