Thursday, February 25, 2016

How landlords cheat tenants

From WNYC:

69% of New Yorkers – over 5½ million people – live in rented housing. Landlords and developers capitalize on that enormous demand, and some break the law while doing so. Last November, ProPublica began an investigation into how some New York City developers and landlords illegally overcharge tenants and cheat taxpayers. ProPublica reporter Cezary Podkul discusses his ongoing series “The Rent Racket” which examines New York City’s ineffective rent stabilization system and investigates how tax breaks for developers and careless regulatory agencies affect the lives of tenants.


Anonymous said...

As the law now stands, a renter has only 4 years to complain to DHCR about being overcharged. After that, the renter's complaint will be ignored. And if the overcharged happened during the previous tenant's lease, the new renter is out of luck.

Anonymous said...

I let my tenant's use the yard,they BBQ a lot of steak so I thought maybe I can squeeze them for more and I did,now they BBQ a lot of hamburger so another rent hike is comming,I won't stop till their eating TOFU and if they complain I'll evict them and Raise The Rent,I LOVE NY.

Camel bladder said...

This is real simple. If you don't like the rent prices or you think that someday the evil landlord might charge you too much then do what responsible Americans always did in days gone by. Live in the cheapest rental place you can find, work your ass off, save every dime you can and buy your own fucking property in an area you can afford and stop bitching and asking some government parasite to make your life better. Take personal responsibility for your life, grow up and become a self sufficient American. If we don't start demanding this of our citizens we are doomed.

Anonymous said... in lord of the manor...have been screwing in serfs or tenant farmers....since the Middle Ages.
The term "rent" originates out of what the lord of the manor squeezes out of his serfs.