Sunday, February 14, 2016

Unhappy Valentine's Day for Maspeth family

From PIX11:

Imagine what it's like if your apartment inside is as cold as it is outside, just as New York City is experiencing the coldest temperatures and wind chills in 20 years this weekend.

One Maspeth family knows firsthand.

"We keep the heater going nonstop and we keep bundled up at all times," Dawn Stahl told PIX11 News.

Dawn, her husband Michael and 16-year-old daughter Ashley have been living in the second-floor apartment at 54–66 46 Street with no heat and hot water for three months.

Her Con Edison bill is over $2000.

And to make matters worse, her oven and stove don't work because she said National Grid removed the gas meter in the basement because her landlord didn't pay his bills. She's now using a hot plate for cooking.

The family stopped paying rent months ago and took the landlord to court.

And now they're moving out in April, but, in the meantime, they have to deal with this weekend's arctic blast.


Anonymous said...

Cold hearted SOB landlord!

JQ LLC said...

Finally, a report (although slight) showing the crushing plight and inhumane treatment, disrespect and ultimately disenfranchisement of a tenant from a deadbeat pile of shit slumlord. Who is obviously looking to garner bonehead frivolous spending hipshit tenants or to sell that property for the luxury affordable housing.

Maybe it's just me (ok, it's me), but when Ms. Hickey prefaced that report, which I believe should have been covered by Arnold Diaz or Howard Thompson, for no discernable reason she had to bring up the fact that there were no towers to block the wind. Why the fuck would she mention that other than to extol a virtue or justification for hyper-development. Which may be why this woman and her family may have been driven out in the first place.

And in a sinister way, with all the risky things she was doing for heat, it looks like the slumlord and the proprietor are hoping that she would do the building's demolishing for them.

Anonymous said...

That is not an apartment building. It is not classified as multiple dwelling.

My guess is that it's a one family house converted illegally.

Anonymous said...

Somehow, I think there is more to the story than just a bad landlord. The tenants should have moved out of that dwelling months ago.