Monday, February 22, 2016

Getting building classification correct gets city more money

From the Daily News:

The city risks losing out on $2 million in property tax money because of mistakes by the Finance Department in classifying buildings, an audit by city Controller Scott Stringer charges.

The audit found that 197 buildings in Brooklyn were wrongly classified as residential when most of their space was used for commercial purposes — so most of them should have been taxed at a higher rate.

If the buildings aren’t reclassified, the city will miss out on $2.09 million in potential tax earnings over five years, Stringer claims.

Next go after the 2-family homes rented as 3 or more units.


Anonymous said...


To whom does one complain when a property is not registered? The owners, more than likely, are not paying taxes on these rentals (if they are paying property taxes at all).

Anonymous said...

Come to Flooshing.
When a single family home gets used as a fourteen room hotel, the city is losing bucks .
Tax them as a hotel. Millions can be made in just this overcrowded dump of a town.

Gary W said...

Not so fast Anon #2.

Read todays NY Post, the push is on to give voting rights to illegal aliens.

You don't like that we live 14 to a room? Too bad we took a vote and you law abiding citizen(serf) lost.

Anonymous said...

I agree with suggestion of coming to Flooshing.
Heck 2 million bucks can be collected from one block alone!
With some hefty fines for illegal businesses, not to mention the other activities that are taking place around here.
Now we are talking a lot of money.

(sarc) said...

Detroit, here we come.

Just keep taxing us out of existence...