Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New flood maps a rude awakening

From the Daily News:

A whopping 35,000 city homeowners whose dwellings were lashed by Hurricane Sandy will now be forced to raise their houses by several feet or face skyrocketing flood insurance premiums.

The federal government Monday added the startling number of buildings to its flood danger zone maps for Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and Westchester County, exposing homeowners to new building codes, shrinking property values and other painful costs.

People whose homes are in the flood zone will have two years to elevate their buildings to protect them from surging seawater or begin to face huge spikes in their flood insurance premiums.

The increased premiums will be phased in over several years once the maps are adopted — likely in 2015.

Chunks of southern Brooklyn, the Rockaways and Staten Island not previously labeled at risk were added to flood zones on the new maps. Maps for Manhattan and the Bronx are due out next month.

Check them out here:


Anonymous said...

It's a rude awakening only if you've been sleeping on the job. Many have been in denial. Thank God, I wasn't.

I passed up a waterfront home because I looked around and noticed that the water's edge was only about 40' from my back door and about 8' below the property height.

That decision was a no brainer.

Anonymous said...

Love how the city gives you 'information' as they disingenously leave other tidbits: where is the Queens coastline?

You know, the place where they are building or planning to build 40 story 'jobs creating public access projects that bring in supermarkets and public services to underserved communities.'

Anonymous said...

Look at it this way...
if the East River should suddenly rise to the 2nd floor of your Queens West "luxury" condo... you can more easily hop a New York Waterways ferry from your balcony.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that the revisions are for the media coverage hot-spots, and Chris Christie's turf.... Please remember that this is from FEMA, a federal agency, NOT the City or State.

Anonymous said...

how does one find the new flood map for Queens?

Anonymous said...

according to this map with the grey squares all of council district 19,N.E.Queens is now in this flood zone. College Pt, Whitestone, Auburndale (hi ground), Bay Terrace, Little Neck ,Douglaston.

homes adjacent to Northern Blvd are not subject to past flooding, in my 42 year experience. Property Shark .com seems to agree with me. my section along N.B. in Bayside/Auburndale did not flood with Sandy.

FEMA needs more accurate analysis.

the area in N.E. Queens along the L.I. Sound is subject to flooding

Anonymous said...

We lucked out big time during Sandy that we didn't get the predicted amounts of rainfall. With the storm surge, if we had received 3 inches of rain, we ALL would have had flooding, as the sewers would have nowhere to drain to.

Anonymous said...

People who didn't have insurance before the flood aint going to get it now.

Anonymous said...

Oh they can get insurance, because the carriers will give it to 'em right up the ass, with astronomical premiums!

Calling Lloyd's of London!

Anonymous said...

Anon no.6: Just because you didn't get flooded during Sandy doesn't mean you won't the next time. New Jersey Transit thought they had their trains in a floodproof area, and found that they didn't.

Anonymous said...

So some of those landmarked $1,000,000+ homes in the Douglas Manor historic district might get submerged.

There goes Carlo Mattone's controversial boat dock!

Anonymous said...

We are an advocacy group out of NJ fighting the Flood Map zones and elevations and also the exorbident rise in Flood insurance costs.

Join us.