Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sensing danger on the tracks

From the NY Post:

The MTA is considering installing technology that would alert officials if a person is on subway tracks, the agency’s chief said yesterday.

Called “intrusion detection,” the system would use sensors to determine whether someone is in danger of getting hit by a train.

Alarms would go off at the Rail Control Center, which could tell train operators to brake, acting MTA chief Thomas Prendergast said.

Another option is to install a light on the platform that would flash when someone is on the track.

He dismissed a $1 billion proposal to install sliding doors that would separate riders from the tracks.

“There are technological issues we would need to overcome,” he said at the MTA’s transit committee meeting yesterday.

In 2012, 141 people were hit by trains — and 55 died.

Of those deaths, 38 percent slipped or fell, 23 percent went on the tracks intentionally, usually to fetch property, and 4 percent were pushed.


Anonymous said...

If these alarms and flashing lights will be as undependable and badly maintained as other mta track equipment, then they are better of just counting on the motorman's eyes to watch out for people on the tracks.

Anonymous said...

The heck with gun control, we need subway control !

Joe Moretti said...

Another option: Stand behind the damn yellow line that the MTA put all on platforms and stop sticking your head out into the track to see if the train is coming. That bit of action does not make the train come any faster. So this option is called "Common Sense" and it costs nothing.

Anonymous said...

Simple 4 foot high iron pipe railings along the platform...except where the doors on the subway cars open...would be quicker and a LOT CHEAPER solution.

We used to have them at Grand Central, South Ferry, etc. so why can't the MTA install them now?

Instead they propose high priced delicate technical junk like sensors!

I smell a contract for one of Bloomberg's boys in this.

Deke DaSilva said...

Called “intrusion detection,” the system would use sensors to determine whether someone is in danger of getting hit by a train.

Let me guess - the principal owner of the company that manufactures this technology is VERY WELL CONNECTED to a current city politician.

Anonymous said...

Designed for failure: The number of false alarms this system would trigger would either shut the subways down, or more likely they would just disable the alarms.

Anonymous said...

Of course, any sensors will have to be able to tell the difference between subway riders who end up on the tracks and the garbage and rats that are normally down there, or there will be a lot of false alarms. Probably also should be able to distinguish between such riders who accidentally or through bad judgment end up on the tracks, and the rats’ brethren, the bums who live down in the tunnels and scurry around down there with an alacrity and accident rate similar to that of other subterranean vermin. Slowing down the trains for bums has the potential of bogging down the system for no good reason.

Anonymous said...

Simple 4 foot high iron pipe railings along the platform

Not possible, as trains are of different length (for example, M and F are on he same line but have 8 and 10 cars, respectively) so they have slightly different stop lines.

Second, with the mixture of older and newer rolling stock, each car has a different door arrangement (think of the older cars with the offset doors on the R46 and R48, and the newer R142 cars that have their doors in alignment side to side). both can still be found in use for F/B/D service.

Anonymous said...

The subway has been running for over 100 years.If you're too stupid or drunk and you die,no loss. Getting pushed is happens rarely,get your head out of your ass and know your surrounding environment..............

georgetheatheist said...

Think of the human fatality statistics as inventory shrinkage. Learn to live with it.

Anonymous said...

4% push deaths are significant ,if it is YOU smashed under the train.

the mentally ill belong in institutions, not among the public commuters.

the PUBLIC INTEREST lawyers must be scrutinized closely. it is their leaders who make it possible to legislate nut cases out of the institutions. A UN-CLU.

Anonymous said...

I guess we've gotten stupider since the subway started running 108 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Aww C'mon this has been going on since the first subway. Thin out the herd...

Anonymous said...

You can prevent many accidental falls if more trains were added to certain routes and if delays were decreased. It would cut down on overcrowded platforms and the herd mentality to crowd the edge of the platform to increase their likelihood of getting into a packed subway car.

Another thing the article excerpt failed to mention was the role of alcohol in a large percentage of accidental pushes or falls. And even if you installed railings along the platform edge there would still be idiots who would lean on or sit on them.

Anonymous said...

why are we citizen's enabling some media and legislators to evade the issue of the PSYCHO'S doing the mass gun murders and subway pushes ?

SPIN...SPIN... and our love ones die, with the existing laws on the books not enforced.

Ned said...

"Enforce existing laws on the books"

Hell yes!!!
Isn’t that what Rudy G did after Dickins and Koch's mess ? Rudy literally let the cops grab all the motherf_ckers, enforce existing laws and slammed people with fines to restore order and pay for it all at the same time.
Rudy G let enforcement do there jobs.
I'm told there is no more room in the jails do to all the Illegal’s and domestic hardcore felons Bloomberg and now Obama want to invite (and keep) in New York via refuge and amnesty drivel.
Back in Texas they wouldn't last a month before 100's would be outside there homes, offices and State House with firearms and pitchforks. Can somebody enlighten me why do New Yorkers love assholes?
Are assholes some sort of delicacy in New York when all these years my hypothesis has been pizza and bagels ?

Ned Schnitt .org

Anonymous said...

RU an MTA troll?

Then buy NEW rolling stock.
I'll bet inn the long run it'll be cheaper than fickle sensors subject to failure and settling lawsuits.

Another problem is over development.
There are more people per platform with the overbuilding.

Anonymous said...

There will be new rolling stock on the 7 by years end. and they will be going from 10 car trains to 11 car trains, and it will be all ATO! So now you can stop whining about weekend shutdowns!!!

Roy Bean said...

Reopen the old City Hall station.
It can be used for public executions of crooked politicians and shady city officials.

The judge ruled,
"I condemn you to death by IRT subway train.
You shall be pushed onto the tracks and run over until pronounced dead".

Anonymous said...

RE:Roy Bean,i like your style. gave me couple of chuckles.....