Sunday, January 27, 2013

He went where the money was

From the NY Post:

A month after state Sen. Malcolm Smith bolted the Democratic Party to join the Independent Democratic Conference, seven of his staffers have gotten raises as high as 27 percent.

The extra staff cash in the Queens Dem’s budget is a reward for his defection, an Albany insider told The Post.

Smith and the four other breakaway Dems in the IDC made it possible for Republican Dean Skelos — who doles out staff budgets — to remain as Senate majority leader.


Joe Moretti said...

Another useless Jamaica politician, who loves to do his dog and pony town hall meeting shows, which is just bullshit, does very little and accomplishes absolutely NOTHING for the community of Jamaica. In the meantime Jamaica suffers while several questionable and corrupt Jamaica politicians smile for the camera. Although I don't think disgraced, corrupt and and totally useless piece of shit former Senator Shirley Huntley is smiling too much these days. Some of these other Rogue Gallery players (Gregory Meeks, Vivian Cook, Ruben Wills) will probably be following suit. Time for a clean sweep and flushing all the useless Jamaica politicians down the "crapper"!

Anonymous said...

How long before he joins Seabrook?