Monday, January 14, 2013

Parking lot for sale means alienation of parkland not a big deal?

From the Daily News:

Property near Citi Field is hotter than ever right now with proposals for a state-of-the-art new mall and a $300 million Major League Soccer stadium to be constructed nearby.

Development on the northern edges of Flushing Meadows-Corona Park could get a boost from the addition of a 1.67-acre Corona property, zoned for residential or commercial use, that recently hit the market for $21 million. It is located at 112-21 Northern Blvd.

“Flushing and Corona and the surrounding environs are widely recognized as up-and-coming neigborhoods,” Eastern Consolidated real estate broker David Schechtman, who is handling the sale, told the Daily News on Friday. “Rarely do you see parcels of this size come to market in dense neighborhoods.”

Schechtman said he’s recently seen a lot of international interest in property within a two-mile radius of Citi Field.

Whatever goes up on the Northern Blvd. site could also impact the area’s development.
It is currently owned by the car dealership Di Blasi Ford.

Read between the lines and it seems that the Daily News is shilling for the Wilpons and Major League Soccer. "Just the thought of a mall and soccer stadium is causing a real estate buying frenzy in Corona!"

No, DiBlasi Ford just has some extra property that they want to get rid of.


Jerry Rotondi said...

And what would Peter Vallone Jr. do about this
situation if he became our next borough president?

Would "Borough President Vallone" defend public parkland, or would Vallone's law firm be LOBBYING in favor of the developer?

Haven't we learned enough from "'granny" Shulman?

Anonymous said...

“Flushing and Corona and the surrounding environs are widely recognized as up-and-coming neigborhoods,”



Ned said...

"international Interest"
Translation = They are gonna sell it to China !
I knew this was coming.

Long Island just went through this shit with the Nassau coliseum property thanks to Democrats forever wanting to make changes and monuments to themselves like renaming bridges and roadways.
BTW---Those may be sold to China next and we will see big tolls to use them.

Save flushing meadow corona park said...

There is no negotiation! Plain and simple!
Vallone, Grodenchick, Katz, Peralta, Ferreras, Moya and every other slug that crawls out from under a rock to run for BP needs to be vocal and say ABSOLUTELY NOT!

We are watching and we will keep calling you out on this issue!

Anonymous said...

Remember the old advert line,
"Promise her anything, but give her Arpege"?

These pols will promise you anything,
but will wind up giving you the shaft after they've won!

Anonymous said...

"International interest", my royal arse!

That means they are going to dupe foreigners into buying toxic land that nobody in his right mind in the USA would ever consider developing for anything.

After the yellowish gray smog that usually blankets Beijing, from time to time, this could become a celestial "paradise" to the Chinese.

They are used to
swimming in and eating all sorts of crap!
Wanna bet that TDC Rockefeller will look into it?

Their good friend Wellington Chen lives in far off Little Neck, so he won't mind bilking his own kind by convincing them to build amidst the poisoned ground here.

Anonymous said...

granny Shulman, she isnt dead yet! how old is she ? that old bat, nothing will be built here WPU is doing a great job fighting it ,