Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Don't take heat and power for granted

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Anonymous said...

NYCHA residents had generators two weeks after the hurricane so they could have heat and electricity while the rest of the peninsula suffered. The NYCHA residents at Hammels Houses a few blocks from the places in the news story are the ones who came out at 8am to break into and rob a strip mall consisting of a supermarket, pharmacy, sneaker store, radio shack, clothing store, laundromat,furniture store, liquor stores & other local business's. This was a mob that was working in at least knee high and in some places waist high flood waters.
Why were criminals living in government subsidized housing rewarded with generators but taxpayers aren't being given the same consideration?
Where is the reporting on the looting and robbing that continues after the hurricane in Rockaway?
The looters stood with their hands out on relief lines and grabbed what ever was to be taken.
Hammels Houses and other projects in the Rockaways are the real reason why the peninsula will never experience a come back. White hipsters came to help, the blacks came to rob and steal.