Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mad cash dash

From the NY Post:

State lawmakers are scrambling to rake in as much cash as possible before Gov. Cuomo’s overhaul of campaign laws is enacted.

Cuomo’s proposal would target Albany’s “pay-to-play” culture by limiting contributions fat cats and lobbyists can make to lawmakers.

And now politicians are acting like pigs running to the trough.

At least 17 lawmakers, including party leaders, have held or scheduled fund-raisers in the first weeks of the legislative session.

Backers of Cuomo’s reform plan say pols realize change is coming.

Democratic Queens Assemblyman Andrew Hevesi and Senate Republican leader Dean Skelos are hosting events Wednesday at Albany’s posh Fort Orange Club blocks from the Capitol.

Donors giving $500 at Hevesi’s breakfast are called “friends,” and those who give or collect $1,000 are “sponsors.”

Skelos is asking $1,000 a person for his evening soiree at the club.


Anonymous said...

What an insipid looking dork!

Anonymous said...

Hevesi; jewish criminal surname.

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 2: What about Skelos?

Anonymous said...

Insipid? I dunno.

With that contented smile on his face, it looks like Melinda Katz just gave him a lap dance, just like she'd done for his father.

Anonymous said...

I remember when hevesi ran against como.An older italian women was heard saying to her friend I voted for hevesi,the nice young italian boy". I told her he was a jew .She looked surprised and said oy!. The poimt of this story.......none